Ableton Steps Up To Help Educate People About Synths


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Fri, 08/16/2019 - 07:37


Naomi Bolton

A while back we ran an article about learning how to play synthesizers, which included plenty of useful resources ( Since then Ableton, the Berlin-based company behind Ableton Live and Ableton Push, has stepped up to help educate people about synths. Best of all, you don't need any additional software as their entire 'course’ is browser based.

It doesn't matter if you have never used a synth before in your life, the "Learning Synths" website will teach you everything you need to know using an interactive format. The lessons also start with the very basics, which makes it perfect for newcomers. Don't worry if you already know the fundamentals either, as you can the site also allows you to dive straight into sound design if you wish. 

To get started with Ableton Learning Synths, just head straight to the website ( and prepare to learn. It kicks things off with the basics, but you can also use the menu to jump straight to the sections that align with your interests. Learning Synths can be accessed either on your desktop or mobile browser and it is completely free. The lessons cover synth basics as well as in-depth explanations of individual elements, such as envelopes, LFOs, Oscillators, and filters. There are also "recipes" showing users how to make certain sounds and a "playground" mode for experimenting on your own. Another nice touch is that, 

Learning Synths is not the first time that Ableton has dabbled with teaching users more about music. Previously, the brand launched the Learning Music website, which was geared towards educating users about using a DAW for music creation. The site, which can be found at is still useful for learning more about the fundamentals of music making.