Blipblox After Dark Synthesizer Making Waves On IndieGoGo

Blipblox After Dark Synthesizer Making Waves On IndieGoGo

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Sat, 08/01/2020 - 10:06


Naomi Bolton

There's still a few days left on the Blipblox After Dark Synthesizer IndieGoGo campaign, but it has already soared past its funding goal thanks to more than 200 backers. For those not familiar with this device, it promises to be an electronic toy that's ready for the stage, studio or family room. According to Playtime Engineering, the Blipblox as designed to be safe and accessible for all ages yet engineered with the latest synth technology so any one can produce professional-level sounds and beats.

Blipblox After Dark will feature hundreds of built-in melodies along with colorful controls that will allow you to sculpt your own sounds. Alternatively, it has a 5-pin MIDI in and 1/4" Stereo Audio that allows you to connect it to a keyboard, drum machine or DAW. This little synth is also portable as it can run or batteries or you can connect it via a USB cable for studio use.

With more than 300 melodies that were custom-made by professional musicians the After Dark will allow anyone to switch it on and immediately have fun. It also has sixteen different oscillator types, resonant multi-mode filter and stereo multi-tap delay. You can even turn your synthesized sounds into danceable grooves thanks to a built-in drum machine loaded with over a 100 pitch-shifting drum samples. Best of all, unlike the synthesizers in your home studio, this one is completely safe for kids. It has no sharp corners, the plastic case can take a few knocks, drops and spills and the knobs can't be pulled off. Not a lot of synthesizers are certified to international toy safety standards, so synth enthusiasts with kids ages 3 and up should take note of the After Dark.

Playtime Engineering delivered the original Blipblox to their first crowdfunded backers back in 2018 within a month of their estimated delivery time. This is quite impressive, but they've also learned from the experience and are confident that getting the After Dark into the hands of backers will be even smoother. Check out the Blipblox After Dark Synthesizer on IndieGoGo and be sure to back it if you want to get your hands on one. You can back it for as little as $179 USD and shipping is estimated to happen in November of 2020. Let us know if you have any experience with the original BlipBlox and whether or not you have backed the After Dark.