Download Free AI-Generated Synth1 Preset Banks

Download Free AI-Generated Synth1 Preset Banks

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Thu, 08/06/2020 - 08:46


Naomi Bolton

Chances are that anyone making use of software synthesizers will already be very familiar with Daichi Laboratory's Synth1. It's one of the most downloaded synth plug-ins of all time, which is no surprise as it is based off the Nord Lead 2. Now a self-professed computer science geek, music theory nerd, and wannabe science educator named James Skripchuck has come up with a unique way to offer presets for Synth 1. James has built and trained an AI that generates preset banks for Synth1 and it is as easy as clicking on the floating synth on his website.

According to James, his project was heavily inspired by "This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist", which is a website where users can download AI-generated preset cartridges for the Yamaha DX7. James is still working on his project, so some of the outputs that you can get might be a little strange, but some of the results are already very neat. The version that we checked out doesn't make full use of all the Synth1 features, such as effects, and the arpeggiator, but according to James, this is something that is in the works.

James used a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) for this project, which pretty much pits two neural networks against each other in order to come up with synth patches. The AI is made up of a generator and a discriminator, so check out his website for more information about this interesting setup. The code for the project can be found on GitHub and we recommend giving James a follow on Twitter as well as Soundcloud.

As always, let us know in the comments or on the forum if you made use of the AI-generated Synth1 preset banks and if you got something that fueled your creativity!