HyperSynth Cartridge Pair Increases Patch Memory of Yamaha DX1 and DX5

HyperSynth Cartridge Pair Increases Patch Memory of Yamaha DX1 and DX5

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Tue, 08/25/2020 - 08:21


Naomi Bolton

If you are one of the lucky few people to own a Yamaha DX5 or DX1, then you will love the latest release by HyperSynth. They have recently announced the release of their "Hyper-Bank" called the Hcard-705. This multibank cartridge pair was designed to expand the external memory of the Yamaha DX5 and DX1.

Since the Hcard-705 does not make use of an internal battery there's no need to worry about data loss or to monitor battery life. Instead what you get is a third-party performance bank that is loaded with 52 voice banks per card and the ability to store up to 400 banks per cartridge. You also get two performance banks, Hyper-Bank as well as Yamaha Factory, and can instantly access different banks using touch buttons.

According to HyperSynth, they decided to focus on getting modern and unheard tonal character out of the DX5/1 dual FM engine instead of classic overlooked DX sounds. It's no secret that the confusing and outdated user interface of the DX5 and DX1 has served as a barrier for many users. However, thanks to a year-long effort in sound design and deep level editing by HyperSynth they've been able to put together 64 presets in 8 categories. With categories such as Synth, Pad, Yamaha Best, Gated/Rhythmic and more these sounds cover everything from new age and ambient to retro, vintage disco, and EDM genres.

DX5 and DX1 owners will know that "Data RAM" is discontinued which makes the external Yamaha Data Ram cartridges extremely expensive. Also, the reliance of Data RAM cartridges on batteries for data retention makes them a risky option. The Hcard-705 solves all these issues by offering an inexpensive replacement. Check out the features for the Hcard-705 below and visit the official website if you are interested in purchasing one.



-Memory size for voice: Up to 800 banks (25600 Voices, card A+B).

-Memory size for performance: Up to 400 banks (25600 Perfs, card A).

-Loaded with 52 voice banks per card.

-Loaded with 2 performance banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory).

-Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.

-Two digits bank indicator display.

-No need for battery.

-Drop in replacement for "Data RAM", "Voice ROM" and "Perf Rom" cartridge.

-Hidden "Memory Protect" option.

-Compatible with Yamaha DX5 and DX1.

Performance Banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory):

Performance is the magic part of DX1/5 which enables Dual and Split modes. In single mode, DX1/5 engine is nothing more than a DX7 MKI. Hyper-Bank is the first third-party and commercially available performance bank for Yamaha DX1/5. Hyper-Bank contains 64 presets in 8 categories: Gated/Rhythmic, Synth, Pad, Yamaha Bests, Key/Piano, Bell, Bass/Lead, Misc. The sounds cover new age, ambient, retro, vintage electro, disco, and EDM genres.

Voice Banks:

"Hcard-705" pair is loaded with 52 voice banks per card:

-Hyper-Bank voices (Bank 0-1)

-Yamaha DX1/DX5 original voice ROMs (Bank 2-3)

-All Hcard-701 soundbanks (Bank 4-27)

-All Yamaha VCR-1XX cartridges (Bank 28-51)

-Default banks (Bank 52-399)

The Hcard-705 itself features a nice stylish design with a two digits bank indicator display. It is available for $389 USD directly from the HyperSynth web store and they have stated that there are no plans to sell it via dealers.