Infinity Synth - The Sample Based Synth Featuring Only The Sounds You Like

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Thu, 05/10/2018 - 09:30


Naomi Bolton

Sponsored Post:  While software synthesizers have opened up new avenues for musicians who might otherwise never have been able to afford the real hardware, they are not without their drawbacks. Two of the biggest concerns when it comes to soft synths are cost and features. You can either have a free soft synth with very limited features or a feature-packed soft synth that comes with a ton of options, but costs you an arm and a leg. Infinity Synth by Stagecraft Software is a product that is trying to address both these issues.

What Does It Offer?

Infinity Synth is a sample-based synth, which isn't exactly something that the market is lacking at the moment. However, Stagecraft Software has a different approach to other sample-based virtual synths that are available and it is this feature that definitely makes it worth a second look. Instead of the traditional themed sample pack that you get with most sample-based synths, Infinity Synth offers users access to a marketplace with a wide selection of synths. This means that, instead of being stuck with one or two synths that you really like and a ton that you'll never use, you can spend your money on what you really need or want.

Sample Marketplace

To help you to get a feel for Infinity Synth, it does come with a bank of high-quality sounds out of the box. You can play around with these and determine whether or not you like the look, feel and sound of Infinity Synth. If so, you can head over to the sample marketplace and start digging around for the samples and patches that you really want. To make things extra convenient, all of these additional samples and patches can be auditioned and purchased directly from the synth, so there's no need to install any extra software or mess around with external downloaders. It also means that you can get straight back to work after you have bought the samples you want. Stagecraft Software has also been nice enough to include $25 credit for presets when you download Infinity Synth, which means you can start building your custom library right off the bat.

Intuitive Interface

The Infinity Synth interface is very straightforward with a clean layout and buttons that are clearly labeled. While this means it's not the prettiest looking synth, it also means you will never be in doubt about what is happening when you press a button or change parameters as you'll be able to not only hear the changes, but see a visible change as well.

MPE Compatibility

Another big draw for Infinity Synth is its Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression, or MPE, compatibility. This means that it is compatible with Polyphonic Multidimensional Controllers (MPCs), which is hardware that is capable of sending multiple dimensions of finger movement control in order to allow for greater expression.

The Rest

Infinity Synth also comes with all the other features that you would expect, such as preset saving and sharing, customizable effects chaining with access to a dozen effects, advanced quantization options for all parameters, LFOs for parameter automation and much, much more.

Price and Availability

Infinity Synth is available for both Windows and Mac-based computers. It is also completely free to download the software for either of these two platforms. The latest version of Infinity Synth can be downloaded straight from the Stagecraft Software website.


Installing Infinity Synth is as easy as downloading the software from the official website. You can then load the plugin from within your favorite DAW and it will automatically download the free sounds as well as provide a "login" button to access the marketplace. You can sign up from within the plugin, view everything your own in the library and add credit to your account. Since the marketplace is incorporated in the synth, you simply select what you want from a drop-down list, wait for the download to finish, listen to the sound and then use your credit to instantly purchase it if you like what you hear.

Final Thoughts

Virtual sample-based synths are a dime a dozen these days and their quality as well as price can vary wildly. Infinity Synth still manages to stand out in this crowded marketplace thanks to its excellent range of features as well as the integrated marketplace. The marketplace in particular makes Infinity Synth a worthwhile download if you are picky about the type of sounds you want and want a virtual synth that you can customize to your liking. There is already a large amount of samples on offer, including a large "Synths" section packed with everything from "80's Rock Synth" and "Blade Run Synth" to "Prophecy 1" and many others.

Of course, the intuitive design of Infinity Synth and the MPE compatibility only adds to the appeal of this program. Since it is a free download and even comes with some credit to get you started, there really is nothing to lose by downloading and trying out Infinity Synth.

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