Korg Updates The Volca Sample With Handy New Features

Korg Updates The Volca Sample With Handy New Features

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Mon, 09/07/2020 - 08:31


Naomi Bolton

The Volca Sample by Korg has gained quite a big following among synth enthusiasts, but for all its benefits it was still lacking in certain aspects. The good news is that Korg has now brought out a revision to the original that addresses most of the limitations.

One of the biggest benefits of the new Volca Sample is that it has double the sample slots, which gives users access to 200 instead of 100. Users will find that 50 of these are left empty on factory settings and are ready for your own original or pre-made libraries to be loaded. The pattern locations have also been boosted to 16 from the original 10. Also, it comes with a brand new carefully curated sound library that is suitable for almost every genre.

The original Volca Sample also only had MIDI In, which meant getting your own sounds on it was needlessly cumbersome. This is no longer an issue with the new Volca Sample either as it now sports a micro USB port. It makes it much easier to connect the Volca Sample to your computer or laptop for managing samples. It also means you can now easily control, synch, and play your Volca Sample from your DAW of choice. Korg has also stated that the dedicated Librarian software for the Volca Sample will make use of the USB port so that sending samples and patterns back and forth will now be an instantaneous and pain-free process. A dedicated iOS app, AudioPocket, allows users to record new samples on the fly and then transfer them instantly to the Volca Sample.

Other new features for the Volca Sample includes a pattern chain mode with two different STEP JUMP modes and a start delay function. For more information and specifications check out the official website.