Moog and Korg Helping People To Stay Entertained For Free During Social Distancing

Moog & Korg Apps Free For Limited Time

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Wed, 03/18/2020 - 09:53


Naomi Bolton

With so many events and expos being canceled and a lot of people forced to self-quarantine due to the coronavirus, it would be an understatement to say that morale is a bit low at the moment. However, two brands have stepped up to the plate to try and spread some positivity during these trying times. First up is Moog who has stated that their popular Minimoog Model D app on iOS will now be free to download.

The Minimoog Model D app is a faithful recreation of the well-known monosynth and typically sells for $14.99/£14.99 on the App Store. Moog posted on their Twitter account that this free download is a gift to spread positivity, creativity, as well as expressivity. They also believe that it will help users to experience the "uplifting power of sound." Moog has not specified when this special offer would be ending, so we advise everyone to take advantage of the free download while they can. The Minimoog Model D app can be found HERE.

Korg has followed suit by announcing that they are making their Kaossilator apps for iOS and Android free for a limited time. On their website, they state that they are doing this in an effort to help everyone working or studying from home occupy their minds in a musical way. The iOS version of the app will be available until March 31, 2020, while the Android version will only be free until March 20, 2020.

It's great to see the synthesizer community standing together to support each other and try and spread some positivity during these uncertain times.