Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module Expected to Ship in 2018

Percussa SSP Prototype

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Mon, 08/21/2017 - 21:21


Naomi Bolton

Anyone familiar with Bert Schiettecatte will know that he is the driving force behind the music technology company, Percussa. With the invention of the AudioCubes behind his name as well as the Synthor System 8, there can be no doubt about his credentials. This is why there was quite a buzz when Bert, along with Celine Van Damme, who works at Percussa on the Percussa Engine Sound Synthesis Software, announced their plans for the Percussa Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module. After interacting with the eurorack community, they took to Kickstarter to gain funds for this project and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

Described as a “eurorack module based on one of the fastest ARM processors available, the quad core Cortex A17, and high end ADC/DAC converters” the Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module landed on Kickstarter with a modest goal of $20,000. Pledges started at $5 for a Percussa SSP Sticker. $25 for a Percussa SSP T-Shirt and $150 for a limited edition poster. Pledges to get your hands on an actual Percussa SSP started at $1,450 for a DIY kit, but it was the $1,5000 pledge for a Percussa SSP production unit and $1,600 pledge for a Percussa SSP with a low serial number that drew the most interest. Percussa clearly knows their target audience as the Kickstarter blew past its initial goal and was funded in less than 12 hours. The project was also featured by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love” which is an honor bestowed only on projects that causes the most excitement in the Kickstarter community.

It’s no surprise that the Percussa SSP Module is causing such as stir as it looks like it will be quite an impressive bit of equipment. The main parts of the module include a widescreen display and input/output ports, DSP Algorithms (software modules), DSP routing/modulation system, and a user interface that has been optimized to avoid menu diving. A complete breakdown of all the modules as well as a detailed overview of all the specifications can be found on the Kickstarter page, along with some audio examples.

Percussa is aiming to start shipping early pledges in April of 2018, followed in May by the normal pledges. Although the project has reached its goal there is still time to pledge your support and ensure that you get your own Percussa SSP Module. Percussa also has a couple of stretch goals for adding additional features, if they receive enough backing. At the time of writing, the project is creeping up on its $35,000 stretch goal of adding MIDI MPE support to the module. Four additional software module groups will be included for stretch goals, starting at $45,000 up until $75,00. Percussa has stated that these extra module groups will consist of five modules each, two advanced and two simpler. The modules to be developed will be announced each time the relevant stretch goal is reached, but examples include virtual analog oscillator, Steiner Park Filter, percussion oscillator, spectral oscillator, ring modulator, panner and simple delay line.

Percussa has already proven themselves capable of designing and shipping quality products, so this project appears to be in good hands. Percussa launched the Percussa Engine and Synthor System 8 during the Winter NAMM 2017 show, which took place in Anaheim and from the looks of it the SSP will be similar to the Percussa Engine. However, the additional input and output connectors, compatibility with eurorack voltages and other features will make it appealing to music enthusiasts. While pledging for this project is a big investment, the possibilities it offers would probably cost a lot more if you had to buy the same type of hardware systems, so don’t miss out. Those feeling particularly altruistic can even opt for the “Godfather” or “Godmother” pledges, which isn’t cheap at $10,000, but includes the donation of five Percussa SSP modules to the schools of your choice.