Plug-In Bundle By Audified Assembles Most Wanted and Awarded Studio Tools

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Mon, 07/24/2017 - 12:13


Naomi Bolton

Sponsored post:  Looking to save time, money and expand the studio tools at your disposal? Audified delivers on all three with their value packed studio bundle, which contains all of their most highly acclaimed and sought after studio tools. The result is a big bundle, packed with great studio tools at a cost that will take less of a dent out of your wallet than buying everything individually. Included with this bundle you’ll find MixChecker, U73b Compressor, U78 Saturator, as well as TNT Voice Executor.


The first tool in this bundle is MixChecker, which is a mixing assistant that does exactly what its name implies. It is designed to help you save time by testing how your mixes sound on different audio equipment without actually having to leave your study chair. It accomplishes this by offering acoustic models of a wide range of classic reference monitors as well as consumer devices. You can turn your monitors into one of these devices with the press of a button and then listen to how your mix sounds. Audified managed to pull this off by painstakingly measuring the frequency responses along with the behavior of all the devices in MixChecker using laboratory conditions. The result is accurate and faithful models that you can trust.

MixChecker is very straightforward to use and the interface is very user friendly. It is definitely very useful for speeding up your work-flow and ideal for musicians who want to make sure their mixes sound great on a variety of audio devices. Simply plug it in the master track of your project, make sure it is the last segment of your listening chain and you are good to go. With MixChecker you can find out exactly how your music will sound to consumers who don’t have access to the hi-end studio monitors you might be working with.

U73b Compressor

With the U73b Compressor plug-in you get a faithful and unique emulation of the vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter unit of the same name. It offers a sound that will be familiar to anyone that has heard music that was mastered between the sixties and eighties. Audified only added input and output gain, but kept to the original design for the circuit to accomplish an authentic sound. Further supplementing this plugin effect is a VU meter along with selectable side-chaining. Whether you want to master vocals, voice overs, guitar, drums or bass, U73b is a great tool for the job.

The control set for the U73b is very basic, which makes it easy to use. Audified has also done a great job capturing the unique character of the original hardware, so this is a great tool for anyone that wants a unique sound for their mixes.

U78 Saturator

Do you like the sound of the U73b, but would like more distortion and saturation? Then you’ll love what Audified has come up with for the U78 Saturator plug-in. It is based on their U73b plug-in, but enhances the saturation effect by using high- and lowpass filters. In addition to the filters, this plug-in also offers tone control along with gain control.

Although the U78 Saturator gives you in-depth control over your sounds, it accomplishes this feat with a very simple to use interface. The U78 has a lot of versatility to offer and Audified once again did a great job with this plug-in. Although this plugin was designed for use with vocals, drums and bass, it also allows you to get creative with other sounds if you like. With experienced producers, such as Baby Brown and Boris Carloff, handling the presets for the device, you know that it is something special.

TNT Voice Executor

The last, but certainly not the least, inclusion in this bundle is the TNT Voice Executor. Like its name suggests, this plug-in is designed for speech and singing. It offers one-click voice track editing, which makes it useful for anyone from producers and broadcasters to voice-over artists, YouTubers, podcasters and more. Anyone who has ever wanted to polish their voice-over or vocal tracks, but didn’t have time to do so by adjusting their compressors, EQS and other effects will love this plug-in.

TNT Voice Executor has a streamlined design that enables you to accomplish your goals using three knobs only. Simply load a preset, then set up the input and output volumes before selecting the effect amount. No other plug-in is able to offer the same quick and perfect results, which makes TNT Voice Executor a must-have for anyone recording or mixing voices.

Pricing And Availability

MixChecker, U73b Compressor and U78 Saturator retails at a cost of $149 each individually while TNT Voice Executor costs just shy of $70. Purchasing all these tools individually will set users back about $516, but the total price of this bundle is only $449, which means you can save a whopping $67. The bundle can be bought directly from the official Audified website and is available right now.

Final Thoughts

All of the tools that are included in this bundle can help you to save time, improve the quality of your mixes or adding a whole new dimension to your sounds. Any musicians who have yet to add these tools to their arsenal will find this bundle to be a good deal that offers great value for money. Anyone still on the fence or unsure whether they can really benefit will be glad to hear that fully working 30 days trial versions of all the plugins are also available.


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