Prophet-5 Synthesizer Making A Comeback

Prophet-5 Synthesizer Making A Comeback

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Fri, 10/09/2020 - 08:19


Naomi Bolton

Not a lot of good things happened this year, but it looks like there will be at least one highlight thanks to Dave Smith's Sequential. They have announced that the much-loved Prophet 5 is getting a re-issue this month.

The new Prophet-5 promises to embody all three revisions of the legendary original by using genuine Curtis analog VCOs and filters along with new 2140 low-pass filters designed by Dave Rossum. It will even have a "Rev" switch that allows users to choose between the two filter designs. According to Sequential, they have sourced genuine Prophet-5 hardware components, but also did extensive research into what it was that made the original sound the way it did. This led to the creation of the "Vintage" knob that can be used to dial in as much old-school randomness as users prefer. Wit the knob users can go from the stability of the brand new Prophet-5 all the way to how things were on the temperamental Prophet-5 Rev1.

Sequential strived to make the new Prophet-05 as accurate, authoritative, and true to the original hardware as possible but were not shy about adding some modern enhancements either. The inclusion of velocity sensitivity and aftertouch will allow users to take their Prophet-05 experience to a whole new level.

The New Prophet-05 features a knob-per-function front panel for instant gratification. It includes 200 permanent factory programs along with 200 rewriteable user programs. Of course, the iconic original 40-program sound set from 1978 is also included. With its full, five-octave, semi-weighted Fatar keyboard and premium-quality, black walnut heartwood body, the new Prophet-05 is quite pleasing on the eyes too. For the full specifications, check out the official Sequential website at