The QUN Pocket Synthesizer Packs A Lot of Punch

Post date:

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 08:10


Naomi Bolton

At first glance, the QUN Pocket Synthesizer by Nunomo (new-no-moh) doesn't' look like much, but closer inspection reveals quite a powerful little device. Thanks to the very simple design of QUN it is not only extremely compact, but Nunomo was also able to make it very affordable. What they were able to accomplish is to create a synth using a common development board as its base and then build on top of that with a UI board and top-quality software. The result is something that might look like a toy, but can actually hold its own against other synths.

Along with an analog modeling engine, the QUN Pocket Synthesizer has two oscillators, 4 envelope generators, an LFO, and a multi-mode filter. They have also thrown in some overdrive for the output and a couple of effects to create a pretty nifty synthesizer. Also, this synth has an external input that can be used for CV control or audio input. The QUN Pocket Synthesizer even has a synthesizer with support for arpeggiated, randomized, and scaled along with a looper. The later can record up to 30 seconds in sync with the sequencer and you can use MIDI to control everything.

With the QUN Pocket Synthesizer you are not getting something that tries to emulate a classic synth, but a bit of gear that uses advanced algorithms for organic, modern sounds. Since it does only sound processor this synth can offer very low latency, depending on your connecting method. You can even stack it if you want a polyphonic setup and use the flexible MOD (CV) routing for an almost modular synthesizer experience.

For more information about the QUN Pocket Synthesizer check out the official Nunomo website. It is currently on sale for $85.00, which is a $10 discount from the regular price. The complete manual and other resources can also be located on Github. Watch the video below and let us know in the comments or on the forum what you think of the QUN Pocket Synthesizer.