Sampleson Releases Free Vintage B3 Organ Softsynth

Sampleson Releases Free Vintage B3 Organ Softsynth

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Sun, 05/17/2020 - 07:31


Naomi Bolton

We've seen some great products and apps released in recent times to help people who are stuck at home due to COVID-19 pass the time more productively. The latest release is from Sampleson, who released their Vintage B3 Organ free for homebound music makers.

Samepleson has stated on their website that CollaB3 is a free vintage tonewheel organ emulation that they created to help musicians and creatives around the world stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide quarantine. They teamed up with Librewave, LalalandAudio and Studio427 Audio to create this studio-quality instrument and it will be free forever.

CollaB3 is avaible in VST/AU and standalone format for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features a detailed reproduction of noises, clicks, leakage, rotary speaker and tonewheel while also including chorus and reverb. Check out the video below to hear CollaB3 in action:

No online activation is required to use Collab3, but to get your hands on the download link you need to head on over to the Sampleson website and fill in your name as well as email. We look forward to hearing the feedback from everyone here who downloads Collab3 and tries it out, so be sure to post your findings in the comments or on the forum.