Seven Synthesizers That Had Successful Kickstarters

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Thu, 03/29/2018 - 12:35


Naomi Bolton

Everyone is familiar with the big names in the synthesizer hardware industry, such as Korg, Roland, Moog and the rest, but they are by no means the only manufacturers. Thanks to the resurgence of interest in analog synthesizers, a number of small companies and even individuals have taken it upon themselves to create these marvelous instruments. Of course, designing, manufacturing and shipping your own hardware is not an easy task, which is why many of them made use of Kickstarter to help spread awareness, entice backers and generate the funds needed to make their synths a reality. Unfortunately, not everyone who took this route managed to succeed, but here are a couple of interesting synthesizers that had successful Kickstarters.

Synthesizer HANSY1010




The HANSY101 is a hybrid synthesizer that the creator described as hardware with a digital mind and analog soul. It was the dream of an electronic and software engineer from France who launched the Kickstarter in early December of 2017. His Kickstarter goal was €4,000, which reached 128% funding after only three days and ended a month later having Successfully raised €8,698 with 40 backers. The fact that the units are hand built at a rate of about one per week, didn’t seem to deter backers who were eager to get a HANSY101 of their own.

PHENOL Patchable Analog Synthesizer



The Kickstarter for the PHENOL Synth was launched in early December of 2014 and the fact that it reached 91% of it’s CA$ 55,000 goal in less than 24 hours showed that there was a big market for a patchable analog synthesizer. By the conclusion of the Kickstarter in January of 2015, it had blown past its goal and ended up with nearly triple the amount required thanks to 196 backers. By June of 2015 the creators of this synth, Kilpatrick Audio, celebrated the success of the launch event and shipping of PHENOL.

Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer



Futuresonus launched their Kickstarter for the Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer in March of 2015, asking backers to support them to the tune of $50,000. Impressed by the promise of a new synth that combines the classic warmth of analog synthesis with the convenience of digital controls, backers pledged 50% of the goal in the first 24 hours alone. By April the Kickstarter Successfully raised $95,783 with 127 backers, but this was followed by some setbacks during the manufacturing process. All the units did eventually ship out and Futuresonus also started working on a new firmware for the synths.

Crowminius Analog Music Synthesizer


The Crowminius is an instrument that proves that not all Kickstarter projects for synthesizers have such an easy road to success. It initially ran with a project goal of $50,000, which it failed to reach. Then in June of 2016, the project was re-launched with a much more modest goal of $25,000. However, the backers who were eager to get their hands on this analog monophonic music synthesizer, that was designed in the spirit of the famous Model D synth by Dr. Moog, had a bit of a wait on their hands. The first units started shipping in February of 2017, but by March 2018 the creator was still busy assembling some units.

The Saw Bench Synthesizer


Saw Bench

The Saw Bench Synthesizer is a highly portable, not to mention affordable, monosynth with a fully analog signal path. Tasty Chips Electronics launched the Kickstarter in March of 2015, with a goal of €5,000. Two weeks before the end of the Kickstarter, the goal was already reached, which resulted in a stretch goal of improved firmware. This stretch goal was also eventually surpassed and  the Kickstarter ended successfully with €13,239 from 144 backers. After the success of the Saw Bench Synthesizer, Tasty Chips Electronics then turned their attention to creating the ST4, which is a combination of a synthesizer and old school home computer sequencer.

Ants! Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer



Ants! promises to deliver the power of an analog synth in a desktop format and launched on Kickstarter in December of 2016. It had a goal of €27,000 goal, but managed to entice 91 backers, who parted of €39,967 in total to support the project. Production of Ants! started in June of 2017 and by June the units were ready to ship to their eager new owners.

AE Modular - A Modular Synthesizer for Everyone


AE Modular

AE Modular is the creation of Tangible Waves, and it was marketed on Kickstarter as a true analog modular synth, that is small in size and price, but big in sound. This pitch was enough to win over 117 backers who surpassed the goal of €19,000 goal and ended up pledging €47,374 in total when the Kickstarter ended in December of 2016. By August of the next year, the production of the AE Modular was also completed.