Soundmit & Faselunare Team Up For Free Synth Panels Designer

Soundmit & Faselunare Team Up For Free Synth Panels Designer

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Mon, 07/20/2020 - 08:49


Naomi Bolton

For many synth enthusiasts, it's not enough to own a large collection of hardware and software synthesizers. There is usually also a point where you begin dreaming of creating your own synthesizer. Unfortunately, not everyone with the technical know-how to design a synth are graphic designers too, which is where something like Synth Panels Designer can come in very handy.

Soundmit, in collaboration with Faselunare has released an extension for Inkscape 1.0 called Synth Panels Design. Inkscape is quite a well-known open-source vector graphics package and Synth Panels Designer is free, so nothing is standing in your way when it comes to creating custom panels. The software offers users a more precise, fast, and creative way to design the user interface of their instruments with over 140 parameters. There are endless combinations for creating knobs and sliders, whether you are interested in software or hardware interfaces.

The Synth Panels Designer can be downloaded for free from the official website and there's also a dedicated Facebook group where users can share their creations or search for suggestions.