Superbooth 2020 Has Officially Been Postponed Until Next Year

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Wed, 03/18/2020 - 09:52


Naomi Bolton

Earlier in March the organizers of Superbooth 2020 in Berlin released a statement that the show would continue and not be canceled in the wake of cancellations from other trade shows. However, recent weeks have seen more and more stringent safety precautions being put into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many governments have prohibited events with more than a certain number of participants or closed down public spaces, which obviously means that trade shows were postponed or outright canceled.

Superbooth has released a message on its website stating that there will be no Superbooth event in 2020 due to the current health situation and the worldwide development of the coronavirus. They have also assured all ticket holders that they will refund all tickets via Eventbrite but cautioned that this process can take up to 12 working days due to the number of other events also being canceled. The Eventbrite help center has a handy article about refunds that can be viewed HERE.

This year would have marked the fifth time that the popular trade fair for electronic musical instruments took place, but Superbooth has posted that they hope to see everyone healthy in 2021.

Ableton has also announced that Loop, their summit for music makers, will also be postponed until next year due to the virus pandemic. The event was originally scheduled to take place from 24 to 26 April in Berlin, but now fans will have to wait until April 2021. According to a statement made by Ableton, all large-scale events have been banned until mid-April 2020 by the Berlin Health Administration. However, given the international nature of Loop, Ableton decided not to risk going ahead as they are not confident about their ability to ensure the wellbeing of attendees. The fact that international travel restrictions are in effect would also have made it difficult for many people to attend the event even if they wanted to do so.

Synthplex 2020 is another event that is being postponed due to the coronavirus, with the date being rescheduled to October 29 to the first of November, 2020.

As unfortunate as it is that all these events are being canceled it is the most sensible thing to do given the current state of things. We urge everyone to keep safe and follow all precautionary measures while the coronavirus pandemic is in effect.