Synthesizer Related Instagram Accounts Worth Following

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Thu, 06/20/2019 - 12:58


Naomi Bolton

The great thing about synthesizers is that they are not only capable of producing beautiful sounds, but many of them also feature very stylish designs. Naturally, this has inspired a lot of synth enthusiasts to show off what their synths sound like as well as how they look. There are already plenty of options available online to learn more about synthesizers or to hear what they sound like, so here are a couple of synthesizer related accounts on Instagram that are worth following. Some are great for drooling over great synthesizers that you might not ever get to own or interact with, while others are inspirational or will simply help to put a smile on your face.




(♫) #swag . . vid: @younisalaa sounds: @animalsandsynthesizers #animalsandsynthesizers

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Animals and Synthesizers describe their channel as "synthetic sounds for organic beings" which basically translates to short clips of various creatures accompanied by some synth noises. Although this might not sound very riveting, the end result is actually pretty mesmerizing. This is definitely not an account to browse if you suffer from entomophobia, but more than ten thousand people agree that animalsandsynthesizers are worth a follow.





Cats On Synthesizers In Space does exactly what their name implies, feature tons of posts with felines floating through space on top of synthesizers. There are hundreds of posts to browse and the photos have become popular enough to attract more than 50,000 followers as well as spawn an online shop. Unsurprisingly the creator is a fan of cats, astronomy and electronic music, but had no idea that combining the three would generate so much interest. If the thought of cat hairs clogging up your synth gives you anxiety, then this is probably not the best account to view, but everyone else should definitely check it out. If you prefer your cats on synths without the space, then have a look at catsandsynths.




If you are a fan of Moog Music, then you'll find plenty of interesting posts on their official Instagram account. In addition to plenty of photos of their synthesizers, they also have videos of famous artists making use of their gear. Of course, Moog is not the only synth brand with an Instagram account, so feel free to substitute this one with Korg, Roland or whatever other manufacturer has your loyal support.




Ideally, you would want to visit the actual Vintage Synthesizer Museum and try out all of the synths, drum machines, and effects that they have to offer. They have a truly incredible range of vintage and modern synths available and booking an appointment with them will give you private access to everything. However, if you don't have the means to get to California, then you can at least take a peek at all their gear that they have displayed on their Instagram account. They also have some nice videos up as well as the obligatory cats on synthesizers photos.




For something a little more out of the ordinary, it is worth following the Brooklyn-based composer/sound designer, Yuta Endo. He has worked with clients, such as Apple, Samsung, Nike, Google, and many others, so he knows a thing or two about being a sound artist. His Instagram account features animated GIFS along with the music that he has created for them and the results are hypnotic to say the least. Some are cute, some are creepy, but all of them are definitely very creative.




Funko Synth Pop avoids the problem of getting cat hairs out of synthesizers by posing funky collectible pop culture figurines on them instead. From Star Wars Storm Troopers posing in front of a Roland TR-09, to Norman Bates from Psycho standing on a Moog Mother-32, it's clear that some thought has gone into these photos. Who knew that Funkos with synths could be such an interesting combination?




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Whether you are old enough to remember browsing through these materials when they were new, or you want a glimpse into the past of your new passion, the posts on Vintage Synthesizer Catalogs are definitely worth a view. Their account is filled with scans of catalogs, brochures and promo materials that are related to vintage synthesizers as well as other electronic music gear.




AVP-Synth - ADS-7 ---------------------------- ADS-7 — is an analog drum synthesizer inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s with a built-in 32-step sequencer and MIDI control. It has 65 controls, 4 switches and 28 buttons with which you can have a wide control over the sound parameters, sequencer and MIDI. It has individual audio outputs and individual trigger inputs for each of the seven sounds. Assembled in Moscow/Russia using discrete components and OTA chips. Hashtags: #synth #synthesizer #moog #roland #korg #electronic #electronicmusic #edm #housemusic #deephouse #trap #synthwave #lfo #adsr #groove #drum #music #musician #80s #cubase #flstudio #ableton #protools #mixmaster #mixengineer #synthesizerium #soundmodule #avpsynth

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If you prefer looking at synthesizers without cats, space, Funko Pops, or other gimmicks, then Synthersizerium is the account for you. It just features hundreds of no thrills photos of synths. With everything from the Akai VX600 to the Voyetra Eight, and Oberheim Matrix-12, there is something here from the whole synthesizer spectrum. The photos are not as "stylish" as some of the other accounts, but still worth checking out.



Let us know in the comments below or on the forum what your thoughts are about people sharing photos of their synthesizers online. Do you have any favorite synthesizer related Instagram accounts that you follow or do you believe that synths should be all about the audio and not the looks.