SynthVR Takes Modular Synthesis Into Virtual Reality

SynthVR Takes Modular Synthesis Into Virtual Reality

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Thu, 08/13/2020 - 08:35


Naomi Bolton

Price is definitely a big consideration when it comes to synthesizers, but space can also become an issue. Not everyone has the money or storage capacity to own a large number of synthesizers. For some, the answer to this issue is software synthesizers as these are not only cheaper but take up no space. However, software synthesizers are still lacking compared to the experience of interacting with a real hardware synthesizer. This is where SynthVR comes in as it is a virtual reality application that aims to provide a type of middle-ground.

Described as a modular synthesizer environment for VR, SynthVR allows users to let loose their creativity in a new way. A public alpha of the software is currently available on SideQuest and things are already looking very promising. Users starting up SynthVR are greeted with an empty Eurorack case that can then be customized with a variety of modules. There are already several modules available to play around with and to get them working you have to do all the patching yourself using the right-hand controller. Eurorack fans should feel right at home as you have access to the typical master clock, sequencer, oscillator elements for the patches and everything is controllable via buttons, dials, and faders.

SynthVR isn't the first application to try and take synthesizers into a virtual space, but it appears to be one of the most promising. It also offers a more familiar way of interacting with your music compared to more abstract applications, such as Patch.XR. Check out the video of a techno jam in SynthVR below and if you have access to an Oculus Quest or Oculus rift why not try out the application yourself. Be sure to let us know in the comments or on the forum what you think of SynthVR and if virtual reality is a good fit for synthesizers or just another gimmick that will fade away.