UNO Synth - The Ultra Portable And Ultra Programmable Analog Synthesizer

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Thu, 12/20/2018 - 07:35


Naomi Bolton

Sponsored Post: Too often "analog" has meant expensive, complicated, bulky and fragile when it comes to synthesizers, but thanks to IK Multimedia, this is no longer the case. They have decided to leverage their nearly two decades of experience when it comes to software and hardware development to create an analog synth. Teaming up with Erik Norlander, who will be a familiar name to fans of the Alesis Andromeda synth, IK Multimedia has made their debut in the hardware synthesizer world with the UNO Synth. Their goal was the creation of an instrument that can offer massive analog sound at an unbeatable price without compromising on features such as hands-on programmability and more. This is quite ambitious, but fortunately they have managed to pull it off in style.

What Does It Offer?

UNO Synth has a lot to offer, but its greatest strengths are its true analog sound along with its portability and, of course, the very wallet friendly price. It is one of those rare synths that will appeal just as much to experienced synth users as novices, thanks to its range of features and ease of use.

UNO Synth

True Analog Audio Path

UNO Synth delivers an all-analog audio path with two VCOs, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF as well as VCA. Analog synth enthusiasts expect warmth and depth from their instruments and the pure analog filter of the UNO Synth is able to deliver this in spades. However, if you also want that modern saturation tones, you'll love the custom-designed, dual-stage overdrive that provides filter input overdrive for UNO Synth. Best of all, there's no manual tuning involved, thanks to the precision controlled self-tuning circuit of UNO Synth.

Powerful But Easy To Use

UNO Synth features more than 40 onboard controls on the top panel, which gives you a lot of sound sculpting options without the need for any deep menu diving. In addition, it has a 27-note on-board multi-touch keyboard with two octaves of sound control and a selection of 13 available scales. Whether you are a keyboardist or non-keyboardist, the built-in arpeggiator with 10 different arpeggio modes and 4-octave range makes it a joy to play. However, if you are still a newcomer and all of this sounds a little daunting, then you will appreciate the 100 grab-and-go presets of the UNO synth. You'll be able to find the perfect sound in no time as each preset includes the sound programming, an associated arpeggia and sequence.

Convenient Design

We have seen a lot of compact synths appearing on the market, but thanks to the ultra-compact dimensions of the UNO Synth, it is amongst the smallest monophonic synths available right now. It weighs only 400g and can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or a USB power-supply. If you are looking for a fully untethered analog synth that you can take with you wherever you go, then look no further than UNO Synth.



One of the best features of UNO Synth is its versatility. Not only is it compact enough to create music on the go, but it also has a built-in audio input for external audio devices. This means you can daisy chain drum machines and other external audio devices with your UNO Synth and get grooving without having to worry about an additional mixer. It also has built-in MIDI IN and Out ports, making it easy to connect to your favorite master keyboard or MIDI gear. This also means that the UNO Synth is just as handy in your studio as during a live set.

Price And Availability

UNO Synth is available right now and can be purchased from either the IK Multimedia online store or from a number of IK authorized dealers around the world. You can expect to pay $/€199.99 (excluding taxes) to get your hands on this versatile synth. This is a very competitive price considering the amount of features that the UNO Synth has and it means you get a lot of value for your money.


Since the UNO Synth is a portable hardware synthesizer, it doesn't require any installation to get up  and running. However, it does come with the UNO Synth Editor, which is a standalone app that is ideal for musicians who like to delve a little deeper with their gear. The front panel controls of the UNO Synth will get you far, but the Editor can take you beyond them for even deeper programming settings.

The UNO Synth Editor is available as a free download for both Mac and PC, as well as for iPhone and iPad. It requires firmware 1.1.1 or above to operate and provides you with remote control of your instrument straight from your computer or mobile device. This means that in addition to saving, recalling and editing your presets onboard, you can also do it from your computer or iOS device. Mac and PC owners are able to use the Editor as a standalone application, just like on iPhone and iPad, but it can also function as a plug-in inside the DAW of your choice if you prefer.

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Final Thoughts

It is always great to see a product that actually lives up to the hype and it is clear to see why IK Multimedia is so proud of the UNO Synth. To ensure the high quality standards of this synth, it is made in their own Italian manufacturing facility and the results speak for themselves. It is rare to see an instrument with the kind of features and capabilities that the UNO Synth has to offer at such a reasonable price and overall this is going to be a hard synth to beat. We have barely touched on all the great features tucked away in this portable marvel, but suffice to say it is something that any analog synth enthusiast will want in their collection.

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