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Thu, 08/31/2017 - 18:21


Naomi Bolton

Sponsored Post:  With samples from more than 40 hardware synths, along with 80 drum machines, the original Vintage Vault by UVI was pretty hard to beat in terms of value for money. The mammoth collection featured enough sounds and samples to keep even the most discerning musicians happy. The good news is that UVI has just released the second iteration of this collection, aptly titled Vintage Vault 2. As expected from UVI, Vintage Vault 2 is more than just an incremental update and instead offers more instruments, drum machines and hand-crafted presets than ever before. Whether your tastes lie in digital or analog, classic or obscure, chances are this collection will have it.

What Does It Offer?

With 50 instruments and 111 drum machines, not to mention more than 7,000 presets  along with 300,000+ samples that were all hand-crafted using the original hardware, there isn’t a whole lot that Vintage Vault 2 doesn’t offer. It places more than 5 decades of audio options at your fingertips, which is impressive to say the least. Compared to the original Vintage Vault, this version has an additional 15 instruments and more than 3,000 patches from seven brand new products.


Real Hardware Tone

The great thing about Vintage Vault 2 is that isn’t just a case of quantity over quality. Despite the vast amount of content, UVI has made sure that they captured the authentic sound of the original hardware. The reason for this authenticity is that the real hardware was used for the sampling process. High quality equipment was also used for the extensive sampling process, so you can be sure that what you hear is as close as you can get without buying the original hardware.

Ease of Use

The amount of content included with Vintage Vault 2 would have been overwhelming if it wasn’t for the optimized work-flow that it offers. To ensure that you can make the most of all the instruments, UVI created a common structure for all of them, which means you don’t need to spend hours reading manuals to understand how each one works. Everything you learn by familiarizing yourself with one instrument can also be applied to the rest. This is a real time saver and definitely streamlines your workflow. The result is that you can spend more of your precious time on making music.

This certainly doesn’t mean that the Vintage Vault 2 instruments lack depth. For quickly creating something you can use the free UVI Workstation that offers a focused and ergonomic UI. For total control, Falcon will let you get your hands dirty with the nitty gritty of sound design. It doesn’t matter which you prefer, the UVI Engine’s architecture is fast and flexible enough to provide you with the same outstanding sound quality.

The New Suites

Cameo - Cameo features three instruments, 478 presets and 27,874 samples. This suite is inspired by the PD synthesis.

Digital Synsation Vol. 2 - This 3-instrument suite features the authentic sounds of vintage digital synths and offers 528 presets along with 22,341 samples. The included instruments are the DZMO, DK5S, and DS-890.

OB Legacy - One of the most exciting new additions to Vintage Vault 2 is OB Legacy. With this suite you get 6 instruments, 1,468 presets and a whopping 49,252 samples. OB Legacy is an homage to the synthesizer luminary, Tom Oberheim, the prolific engineer and designer who should be more than familiar to synthesizer fans. Drawing on his legacy of more than four years, UVI has managed to create a suite that is essential for all synth enthusiasts.

PX Apollo - If you are looking for something rare and unique then PX Apollo certainly fits the bill. It features 4,002 samples and 153 presets based on a rare early ’70s synthesizer prototype. Only two of these prototypes are known to exist, but PX Apollo isn’t just rare, it also sounds great.

UVS-3200 - Fans of the KORG PS-3200 will love this tribute to the 48-voice original. 5797 samples and 223 presets bring this vintage instrument to life.

UVX80 - UVX80 is another unique new addition as it is based on the first polyphonic synth from a well known Japanese manufacturer. The limited production of the original hardware has made it a rarity, even more so in working condition, so its inclusion here is quite impressive.

BeatBox Anthology 2 - The final new addition to Vintage Vault 2 is this collection of 111 drum machine sounds. With 11862 samples, 1355 loops, 282 kits and 161 patterns that range from vintage to modern and unique, this collection is extremely comprehensive.

In addition to the brand new content, Vintage Vault 2 also features Darklight IIx, Digital Synsations, Emulation One, Emulation II, Mello, String Machines, The Beast, UltraMini, UVX-10P, UVX-3P, Vector Pro, Vintage Legends, and WaveRunner.


Price And Availability

Vintage Vault 2 is currently available at a discounted price of $399/399€ to all new users. However, this special offer expires after September 30, 2017, after which the price will revert to $599/599€.

UVI hasn’t forgotten about loyal fans who already own the original Vintage Vault and would like to upgrade to Vintage Vault 2. This upgrade costs $199/199€ until September 30, 2017 after which it becomes $299/299€. As an added bonus, customers who own Vintage Vault and one or more of the new products that are included in Vintage Vault 2 will also be rewarded with a tiered discount voucher. Once again, this offer is good through September 30th , 2017.

In addition, UVI also offers an individual product upgrade of $299/299€ to all current owners of single libraries from Vintage Vault 2 that has a combined value of $149 or more (MSRP.) After September 30, 2017, the individual product upgrade will still be available at a price of $499/499€.

In addition, customers who are only interested in OB Legacy can purchase it separately for $199/199€.

Technical Specs

Vintage Vault 2 is an absolutely mammoth collection and this is reflected in the 120 GB installation size, is almost double the size of the original Vintage Vault. To run it you need either UVI Workstation version 2.6.12+ or Falcon version 1.3.1+. A Free iLok account is needed, but the dongle is not required. The software can be run on Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or higher operating systems, with an internet connection needed to activate the license. For the best performance, UVI recommends a 7,200 rpm hard drive or a solid state drive. 4GB of RAM is required, but more than 8 is highly recommended if you plan on working with large UVI soundbanks.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of vintage synthesizers and drum machines, then Vintage Vault 2 is simply indispensable. The number of products included in this collection makes it more than worth the asking price as it would cost far more to purchase everything individually. Considering it would cost about $2,600 to purchase the 20 individual products that make up this collection, it is hard to fault Vintage Vault 2 in terms of value for money. Many of the original vintage gear featured in this collection are impossible to find at an affordable price, making this the most cost effective ways of making use of their sounds. Besides, to maintain a collection of the original hardware found in Vintage Vault 2 would be virtually impossible in terms of space, which means this package is comprehensive, convenient and easy to use. There is a reason why UVI products are favored by many of the top musicians, sound designers, composers and producers, and with Vintage Vault 2 there is nothing holding you back from incorporating the best sounds in your own work.


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