Vintage Vault 3 Giveaway Winners


Post date:

Wed, 02/05/2020 - 19:43


Naomi Bolton

The wait is finally over to find out who the winners are of your mammoth Vintage Vault 3 giveaway. Judging by the number of entries there are quite a few synth enthusiasts eager to get their hands on this stunning prize and with good reason. Vintage Vault 3 is packed with enough vintage synth goodness to keep you glued to your DAW for quite some time.
Our three winners are:
Karl Salt
Kyler Bixler
Ronald Stemmerich

We would like to thank everyone who entered for making the contest such a success and UVI for the amazing prize. A special congratulations go out to our three lucky winners who will be able to dig into the treasure trove that is Vintage Vault 3 very soon. We are sure that this prize is going to spur our winners on to push themselves even further creatively and take their work to the next level. For those who did not win, better luck next time and don't forget to check out the UVI website where Vintage Vault 3, as well as individual packs, can still be bought.