Yamaha Started A New "Behind The Synth" Podcast


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Sat, 08/17/2019 - 06:52


Naomi Bolton

Ableton is not the only brand that recently started educating fans and synth enthusiast more about the hobby. Yamaha has also launched a brand new podcast series, called "Behind the Synth." The podcast is hosted by Blake Angelos and Nate Tschetter, who promised brand new episodes on a weekly basis.

The first podcast for Behind The Synth features the two hosts introducing themselves and revealing more about their decades of experience with Yamaha. For future podcasts, the aim is to feature other musicians, sound designers, producers and developers. Yamaha fans can listen to the podcast below or head on over to their official Soundcloud to like and subscribe.

The second episode of the podcast sees the two hosts discussing the RM1x Sequence Remixer, which actually features Preset Patterns that were programmed by Nate.