Last year we reported on Black Corporation planning to release a Eurorack version of their Deckard's Dream synthesizer as well as a companion add-on, called Rachael. Now the company has announced that they are taking pre-order deposits for their upcoming Deckard's Dream MK2 synthesizer.
If you find yourself anywhere near Cornell University this week then you may want to pop in for their special event titled "When Machines Rock: A Celebration of Robert Moog and Electronic Music." The event, which takes place from the 5th to the 7th of March 2020 is in celebration of the opening o
Considering the current state of affairs when it comes to the spread of the Coronavirus there has been a lot of concern about trade shows and other international gatherings.
The biggest news to hit the musical scene so far this year is the announcement that good old MIDI is finally gearing up to move towards a new 2.0 standard. The new standard was presented during the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California this year.
The other bit of interesting news to come out of the 2020 NAMM Show is that the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer has now finally been inducted into the NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame.
Artiphon took to Kickstarter late last year to try and garner funds for their Orba, a musical instrument that is designed for your hands. The Orba is basically a portable synth, looper, and MIDI controller that is supposed to allow you to create songs in a matter of seconds.
The wait is finally over to find out who the winners are of your mammoth Vintage Vault 3 giveaway. Judging by the number of entries there are quite a few synth enthusiasts eager to get their hands on this stunning prize and with good reason.
It's a new year, which means that it is time for a new calendar. If you are one of the people who still prefer a good old physical calendar instead of an app, then the Bob Moog Foundation has got you covered.
If your DAW of choice is FL Studio, then you might have noticed that it received a new update recently. Imagine-Line has released the 20.6 updates to all FL Studio users for free and it brings with it a host of new updates and features.
Do you fancy owning your own never-ending, never repetitive, organic art-piece that will live and grow forever in your own singular space-time continuum, at the tip of your finger? It sounds pretentious, but that's exactly what Jean-Michel Jarre is offering with his new EoN app.
Fans of authentic vintage synthesizers and drum machine sounds will know that, as far as premier collections go, it's hard to beat Vintage Vault by UVI. It has been the collection of choice for everyone in search of the authenticity of real hardware wrapped up in the simplicity of software.
Novation are proud to announce the all-new Launchpad Pro [MK3]. The world’s favorite Ableton Live grid controller is now the perfect partner for hardware, combining deep Live integration with an intuitive built-in sequencer that can drive any MIDI instrument. 
Although digital audio has taken over the mainstream, there are still many audiophiles who stick with analog. Unfortunately, although vinyl records have made a small comeback over the years, there has never really been a way to create your own unless you owned a pressing plant.
Korg fans who still have some money left after the holiday season might want to head on over to the online Korg shop. The reason is the release of the Korg Collection - TRITON for Mac and Windows.
Normally synthesizers and food don't exactly mix, but clearly, nobody explained this to HAINBACH, a popular synth Youtuber. Apparently, he made a claim in one of his old videos that he could put sausages on a Folktek Omnichord OM84 synth to sustain the notes.