Moog recently announced that their Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit and CV Expander will be available again for a limited time. This patchable and compact analog synthesizer is a great introduction to the world of analog synthesis, especially for DIY fans.
The Original New Timbral Orchestra or "TONTO" as it is known was the first multitimbral polyphonic analog synthesizer in the world.
Novation caused quite a stir a few weeks back when they started sharing photos of massive billboards with what appeared to be the Aphex Twin logo in LA, Berlin, Bristol, and London.
It seems like 2020 is a big year for strange collaborations too. We've already shared the news about Novation teaming up with Aphex Twin for the AFX Station, but now Teenage Engineering has revealed a unique partnership of their own.
There have been quite a few big names who passed away in 2020 and sadly Chris Huggett recently joined the list. Synthesizer fans will know him for the pioneering work that he has done over the past five or so decades in the industry.
Wendy Carlos is without a doubt one of the pioneers when it comes to synthesizers, but is also very strict about her privacy. This has resulted in an aura of mystery around the artist, especially as she doesn't have any interest in public appearances or performances.
In our previous article, we took a closer look at some of the synthesizer related Kickstarter projects that saw success during 2020.
The period between 1963 and 1995 saw the release of numerous synthesizers that changed the musical landscape. These synthesizers had a huge impact on music culture and many of them are still coveted by fans.
A while back the TR-808 celebrated its 40th anniversary and Roland marked the event with all kinds of treats, such as a conversation with Tadao Kikumoto, a 40-year playlist of hits made with the drum machine, and more.
Cable and clutter have always been a concern for musicians who would like to make music whenever and wherever they want. The solution is obviously to go wireless, but latency has always been a barrier. Roland has decided to tackle this issue by unveiling the WM-1, their wireless MIDI adapter.
Not a lot of good things happened this year, but it looks like there will be at least one highlight thanks to Dave Smith's Sequential. They have announced that the much-loved Prophet 5 is getting a re-issue this month.
We've seen time and time again that there is virtually no limit to the types of MIDI controller designs that people have come up with. However, in contrast to the trend of massive controllers with as many buttons and dials as possible, there is the upcoming Noise Machine.
The power and popularity of digital audio workstations have meant that hardware sequencers are no longer as coveted as they once were. However, this doesn't mean that hardware sequencers are obsolete or unnecessary.
Sound Semiconductor has recently unveiled the FatKeys™ SSI2130, which is their first new VCO IC in decades. According to them, it is worth the wait, though, as it delivers beautiful triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and square waveforms with unprecedented temperature stability.
We doubt that 2020 is going to be a year that many people will look back at fondly, but the Bob Moog Foundation aims to change that for at least three people.