Do you fancy owning your own never-ending, never repetitive, organic art-piece that will live and grow forever in your own singular space-time continuum, at the tip of your finger? It sounds pretentious, but that's exactly what Jean-Michel Jarre is offering with his new EoN app.
Fans of authentic vintage synthesizers and drum machine sounds will know that, as far as premier collections go, it's hard to beat Vintage Vault by UVI. It has been the collection of choice for everyone in search of the authenticity of real hardware wrapped up in the simplicity of software.
Novation are proud to announce the all-new Launchpad Pro [MK3]. The world’s favorite Ableton Live grid controller is now the perfect partner for hardware, combining deep Live integration with an intuitive built-in sequencer that can drive any MIDI instrument. 
Although digital audio has taken over the mainstream, there are still many audiophiles who stick with analog. Unfortunately, although vinyl records have made a small comeback over the years, there has never really been a way to create your own unless you owned a pressing plant.
Korg fans who still have some money left after the holiday season might want to head on over to the online Korg shop. The reason is the release of the Korg Collection - TRITON for Mac and Windows.
Normally synthesizers and food don't exactly mix, but clearly, nobody explained this to HAINBACH, a popular synth Youtuber. Apparently, he made a claim in one of his old videos that he could put sausages on a Folktek Omnichord OM84 synth to sustain the notes.
If you are a fan of orchestral music and samples then now might be a good time to clear out some space on your hard drive.
It's not unusual to see older software and plugins receive massive discounts when their replacements are around the corner, but it's not every day that something debuts with a 95% discount.
DAW enthusiasts, especially those who favor Ableton Live, should already be familiar with the Novation Launchkey Mini. It is the most compact and portable MIDI keyboard controller in the Novation range and they recently made it even better with MK3 iteration.
The holiday season is a time to indulge and treat others as well as yourself. One of the best ways to do this is with a new addition to your synth collection. Although you can easily acquire synths with a crazy number of polyphony, there is still something to be said about the humble monosynth.
A while back Superlative Instruments launched a Kickstarter campaign for the SB01 (pronounced Space Bee apparently), which they described as an "analog synthesizer of the future." The goal for the Kickstarter was an "all or nothing" $101,000, which meant the project would only be funded if it rea
As interest in vintage synthesizers continues to grow there are more and more classic synths that are making comebacks. Last year we took a look at some of the most popular vintage synthesizers that received modern updates.
It is amazing to think that thanks to digital audio workstations and plug-ins most users can have access to features that professional studios could only dream about a few years ago.
NAMM's Museum of Making Music has something brand new for synth enthusiasts with a first-of-its-kind exhibit titled, Music from the Sound Up: The Creative Tools of Synthesis. The official opening was Friday, 18 October 2019, and this special exhibit will continue until April of 2020.
If you still have a library of Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance cartridges in your collection, then you are going to love the Analogue Pocket.