Mobile virtual synthesizers and digital audio workstations have come a long way and these days it's not unusual to see people using them when out and about.
It would seem that scarcely a week goes by without someone somewhere coming up with new unique ways to create music. We've seen everything from Furby Organs to people turning their entire kitchens into working synths.
Niels Gordon describes himself as a musician who produces organic electronic music from the dark forests of Sweden. He has played different stages around Sweden and prefers to perform completely live and party improvised without the aid of any computers or backtracks.
Apple officially supports wireless gamepads since iOS 13, but some developers have gone beyond simply using this feature for games. Luis Fernando García Pérez went and created an app called MIDITROL that can turn any compatible controller into a MIDI/OSC controller.
We've seen some great products and apps released in recent times to help people who are stuck at home due to COVID-19 pass the time more productively. The latest release is from Sampleson, who released their Vintage B3 Organ free for homebound music makers.
There's no shortage of MIDI controllers on the market, but what if you want something truly unique that was made specifically for your own needs? If you have the do-it-yourself skills you could probably design and create such a controller yourself, but this is not an option for everyone.
Acoustica is another in a long line of brands that are doing their best to make the COVID-19 situation a little more bearable. They have stated that they are making Mixcraft Temporary Student @Home Licenses are now available free to keep students engaged at home during school closures.
Mike Dean might not be a name that is very familiar to synth enthusiasts, but hip-hop fans should know him well. He's famed for working with big names like Beyoncé, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Madonna, and many others.
We are living in difficult times and self-isolation has become the norm for many in an effort to protect themselves and their loved ones from the coronavirus pandemic. However, social distancing is not as easy for some people as others, and spending more time at home can be a challenge.
The one silver lining about the whole social distancing situation caused by Covid-19 is that synth fans finally have some free time to create more music. If you are in this situation, but still looking to expand your sound palette a bit, then Arturia may be able to assist.
Early in April Dave Smith posted a thank you message of gratitude to his musical friends and family for the great birthday wishes that he got for his 70th birthday.
In the first part of our article about the most memorable 80s synth music videos, we took a closer look at songs by Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, The Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, and Eurythmics.
Ask anyone what it was that made the eighties such a memorable decade and you are almost guaranteed to get answers like the movies, the fashion, the television shows, and the video games. Of course, for synth enthusiasts there can only be one answer, which is the music.
If you are a musician who would like to turn your tracks into a performance without all the hassles of dealing with a bandmate, then Accusonus claims to have the answer to your prayers. They recently released Rhythmiq, which is a beat-assistant unlike anything else.
A while back we reported on both Moog and Korg releasing some of their products for free to help synth fans stay entertained while self-isolating. The rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world has wreaked havoc on events and functions with everything being canceled or postponed.