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The Nord Modular is Clavia's Nord synth with modular abilities using virtual sound modeling. The keyboard itself is small and compact. It houses the synth engine and all DSP processors. However, the Nord Modular must be connected to a Pentium PC with Windows 95 or a PowerMac. Be sure to get the latest OS version which is v3.03.

The software is the Nord Modular Editor. It is simply an editor, but a powerful one that graphically shows you a the modules you want and is where you graphically make patches between modules and synthesize a sound. It features over 100 modules! It's true modular synthesis meets computer synthesis. It sounds awesome too! The keyboard still has MIDI to be controlled and sequenced from your standard sequencer. The programs you create in the editor can be stored on the computer or in one of the 100 memories in the keyboard. Once you've created a sound you can quit the editor program and use the keyboard controller stand-alone.

Clavia Nord Modular Image

The keyboard has multiple outputs, pedal input, has a very easy and intuitive layout and a nice LCD screen. It also features a very good sequencer! The Nord Modular system is expensive but it's like a Nord Lead 2 on steroids and without limits! If you're not interested in the keyboard, a desktop/rack-mount version was also available.

Software version 2.1 adds many new features including a Ring Modulator, 14-Band FilterBank, Vocal Filter, FM Sine wave, Digitizer (bare-bones sampling) and many more tricks. The latest OS is version 3 and adds more features such as a 16-band vocoder and Mac compatibility. The Nord Modular is already being used by Astral Projection, Autechre, BT, The Chemical Brothers, Somatic Responses, The Crystal Method, Junkie XL, Mouse on Mars, and Nine Inch Nails.

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36 Visitor comments
August 29, 2010 @ 10:31 am
i'm gonna cry man! i had to sell mine -emergency. Matt below said it all (actually, notice that no one has a bad word against it?) 'you will not be satisfied ever again' and he's SO right. for my style, sidstation and NMG1 (and maybe the lead1) is all i need to be happy. WHY THE HECK cant Clavia keep making them NEW!!!???
October 27, 2009 @ 10:07 am
I realy like this synth for creating new sound... it is like a chest in which you can always find new thing to do... I do not agree with Jim, It might be a 10 year old synth.... but the sound you can get with it are not so dated... you need more than a few month usage of a synth like that to realy appreciate it... This synth as no FX but it has audio in so you can include almost any FX you think might be suited... Remember Reaktor is a soft synth, this is hardware... very sturdy with a boot up time very short... I do not compare soft synth with stand alone hardware ... In live condition i had a bit of trouble with soft synth... Saying an instrument is old is like saying a guitar is old... Use the Nord Modular for what it is not for what it is not...
September 27, 2009 @ 6:04 pm
The only problem with Nomad on a Mac is a Java issue - it needs a MIDI driver - the nomad guys have bundled a free one with the download but it may need some work. I already had the commercial Mandolane driver with works fine.
August 6, 2009 @ 6:49 am
I have a G2X, and a NM1 on its way.

The G2 is a bit different, better performance features and interface, some good, and some OK onboard effects. G2 has less inherent character though, as it has to be programmed in.

G2 is versatile though. It seems that Reaktor et al are more versatile still, and something like a receptor etc could give plenty of grunt for virtual modular synthesis, as an alternative.

G2 has a pretty slick interface though, which I think can be a real boon when delving into something potentially rather complex.
March 11, 2009 @ 3:29 pm
I've been using mine for almost a decade never fails to amaze me. Keep in mind there is a fairly steep learning curve, but I have yet to be looking for a sound that this thing can't pull off. Sometimes I'll use various hardware and software synths while recording, but with the NM, I'm able to model them faithfully and only bring it instead of multiple synths to a gig. From Prophet 5 leads to DX7 bells to Minimoog bass to the completely unique...this synth can do it all. The only problem with it is that you'll never be satisfied with another synth again. :)
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  • Demos & Media
  • Audio Clip 1 - Here are some great pads and sounds.

    Patches - These are 19 custom patches by Markus Jentsch. They are zipped for Windows/PC.

    Manual - Download the original owner's manual from

  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - 32 voices
  • Oscillators - 6 VSM oscillators (triangle, sawtooth, pulse) and noise and much more!
  • LFO - 8 LFO's, 4 random pattern generators, 16,000 patterns
  • Filter - 6 filters: Parametric, Shelving EQ's, highpass / lowpass / bandpass / notch filters, 12 or 24 dB/Oct, resonant
  • VCA - ADSR and AD envelopes, attack - hold - decay envelope and much more
  • Keyboard - 25 velocity sensitive keys
  • Memory - 9 banks with 99 memories each
  • Control - PC Pentium 90MHz, Windows 95/98; PowerMac, MacOS 8; MIDI, and all knobs and controls are MIDI!
  • Date Produced - 1998
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