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The Fizmo is a 48-voice synthesizer which uses 2nd-generation Transwave technology to create very organic sounds unlike any other synth available. Every programming function has its own dedicated knob or button, and there is a limited but useful 4-character LCD display. The Fizmo features an Arpeggiator and 24-bit VLSI effects with 41 algorithms, including a Vocoder and the ability to process incoming audio through the Vocoder and effects.

Transwave synthesis uses wavetables of sound data with layered variations in harmonic structures such that their timbres progress naturally from one end to the other. This allows for sounds to modulate over time, or by velocity, wheel, pressure, or any number of other options.

There are 2 oscillators available for each of the 4 presets allowing for 8 unique oscillators at the same time, not to mention individual LFO and Noise generators for each Osc. Another wonderful feature is the ability to stack up to four individual presets together into one sound and map them across the keyboard. This synth is very capable of some very complex sounds.

The built-in Arpeggiator has 118 presets which can be easily edited to your liking, and 26 real-time control/editing knobs make mutating your sound a pleasure. All controls may be recorded in real-time to an external sequencer.

Ensoniq Fizmo Rack

The Fizmo Rack is 5U rack-mount version of the Fizmo with more patches. The Fizmo will appeal to anyone who creates electronic music, particularly those into techno, trance, ambient or industrial. Sound designers and film composers would also enjoy this synth. The evolving motion and rhythmic patterns of its sounds created by the Transwave technology set this synth apart from the others. The Fizmo has been used by Eat Static.

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February 23, 2013 @ 3:49 pm
Also the Ensoniq Transwaves contain multiple loop-back points, essentially multi-dimensionally looped, rather than just looped back from end to beginning. Recommended reading: "An Interview with Scott Peer of SoundEngine.com, By Jeff McLeod" at the FIZMO User Group http://www.cortidesign.com/fizmo/fizmo.html. Other good info at ASRXCITE page http://www.geocities.ws/asrxcite/asrx/asrxpage.html
December 10, 2012 @ 12:11 am
"The difference between waldorf wavetable synthesis and the fizmo transwaves is that the waldorf takes the +side of the signal, duplicates it, and inverts it to make the negative side of the output AC wave. This is unnatural sounding as the + side of the phase isn't necessarily the same as the - side of the phase in acoustics. So, all microwave outputs are symmetrical. conversely, the fizmo outputs are made by using additive sine waves that are all through zero, perfect 360 degree phasing. this was found by recording the raw outputs, no filtering."
October 8, 2012 @ 10:59 am
@mardus: Purple metal unicorn that flies at warp speed. I will have to remember that. It's such a great line. I was going to message you about that rather than waste another space here, but your handle doesn't appear in the member list so I figure you're either just a visitor or you go by another handle in the forums. Either way, that's a really great line. Now I have this picture of the Unicorn Gundam not in white but purple and blue. Off to the fan art page! Thanks!
October 4, 2012 @ 6:38 pm
I finally got one TODAY!
It has the regulator fix and basically in mint condition hoorraaay :)))
And this beast is FAR from being a one trick pony.
More like a purple metal unicorn that flies in warp speeds!
August 5, 2012 @ 12:41 am
This synthe can do weirds things, but can do also beautifull pad, great solo sounds great electric and etheral piano or lead ! Or plentiful or great sounds usable in "normal" music .But a lot of people used it for weird or special sound because it can be unique in this purpose. It's quite a nonsense some peoples are talking about something after watching some video on youtube. To talk about something, you have to test it really.
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  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - 48 voices
  • Oscillators - 4 MB of 16-bit internal wave ROM, featuring Transwaves (created through digital synthesis and resynthesis technologies); 2 osc for each of 4 presets - total of 8 simultaneous - 58 waveforms
  • LFO - 8 LFO's (7 waveform choices, can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI clock)
  • Filter - Resonant LP & BP 4 pole filters. Non-Resonant 2LP+2HP, 3LP+1HP, 2LP+2LP, 3LP+1HP filters.
  • Effects - 41 digital VLSI 24-bit effects (8 Global Reverbs, Chorus, Flanger, DDL, Distortion, Tunable Speaker, Chatter Box, Vocal Morph, Auto-Wah, Vocoder); Processes incoming audio
  • Keyboard - 61 semi-weighted keys (velocity and channel pressure sensitive, 4 programmable key ranges, 4 possible zones)
  • Memory - 128 ROM sounds, Up to 128 RAM, 64 Presets
  • Control - MIDI (up to 4 polyphonic channels)
  • Date Produced - 1998

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