Anybody got any insight into the Oberheim Matrix 6?

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Re: Anybody got any insight into the Oberheim Matrix 6?

Postby oldsynth » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:27 pm

knolan wrote:Thanks for the info - very helpful and appreciated. had hoped to hear that it was on a par with the Xpander but seemingly not.

@Sir ruff - accept online demos are useful, but there's not substitute from hearing the thoughts of actual users (that's what forums are for ;) )

Mate, I've just bought a Matrix 6, and I've fallen in love with it. It sounds so good!
I've got quite a few analogue synths but the Matrix 6 is way above any of them for sounds.
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Re: Anybody got any insight into the Oberheim Matrix 6?

Postby darienx » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:42 am

I have two Matrix 6r's also a DSI Tetra and Mopho Keys.

The Oberheim's : learn to program patches because this is a deep unit, although it can choke on the midi, set your patches and play them live or in a studio system. With this being said, this is a great utility synth. I get some great bass sounds and am learning the deep layer to the programming.

I often layer it with the DSI's or make simular patches on the Tetra and get a thick modern sounding analog synth.

So it does have it flaws but good news at the time of this post, GliGli and friends have cracked the Matrix 1000, OS updates and CPU update. No more choking midi. 30 Years later. Sheesh.

I am sure the Matrix 6 is next for an os update.

Also know this: the Matrix 6 is a bi- timber synth, with two discrete outputs, I keep it in split mode where as one side does bass and the other I allocate four voices to that patch. Each has a discrete midi channel.

So while each synth has its strong points when you get a few synths, you cover the spectrum and the rest is patch programming.


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