New patches DSI, Ultranova, Mininova, Moog and Korg

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New patches DSI, Ultranova, Mininova, Moog and Korg

Postby Psalm37 » Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:06 pm


First up, if there is a more appropriate place to post this, let me know and I'll move it.

My name is Psalm37. I’ve recently been working along with Dave Smith Instruments in the last couple of years on the factory sounds for their Prophet 12 and the Pro 2.
Before they asked me to work with them on the Pro 2 this year I had picked up an Ultranova.

I’m aware that there are lots of free patches available out there, very good ones too!
However I put in a lot of time and effort to get the best out of any synth I’m working with and hope you will be interested in this particular audio demo available here:

You can pick up these patches along with patches for a number of other synthesizers here: ... pg=&_from=

All the best,
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