Kickstarter Campaign For SB01: Analog Synthesizer of the Future A Success

Kickstarter Campaign For SB01: Analog Synthesizer of the Future A Success

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Tue, 11/26/2019 - 10:26


Naomi Bolton

A while back Superlative Instruments launched a Kickstarter campaign for the SB01 (pronounced Space Bee apparently), which they described as an "analog synthesizer of the future." The goal for the Kickstarter was an "all or nothing" $101,000, which meant the project would only be funded if it reached its goal by November 21, 2019. It ended up almost doubling this goal thanks to nearly 200 backers.

With the SB01, Superlative Instruments is promising the world's thinnest and first rechargeable analog synthesizer which also puts classic sound in a modern package and adds several essential upgrades. The SB01 clearly draws inspiration from the Roland SH-101 and thanks to its 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator that feeds into a 4-pole OTA filter, it is capable of creating the same iconic sounds. Also, it features analog envelopes as well as modulation features. Best of all, this will all come in an attractive design that incorporates fully rechargeable battery power. Not only will it be able to offer a generous 16-hours of battery life, but the battery is also user-replaceable. According to Superlative Instruments, the SB01 is an exercise in distilling a synth to its most essential form, which is why it is machined out of a single block of aluminum. However, despite being portable, it comes with full-size tactile keys. Every tactile and electronic element was custom developed to deliver optimal performance while still retaining the ultra-compact form factor.

Other interesting features of the SB01 is its flexible step sequencer, as well as comprehensive connectivity options for other digital and analog instruments. Superlative is clearly aiming to ensure that the SB01 is a versatile controller not just for the stage, but also for your studio setup. There's even going to be an optional keytar grip for the SB01 that offers 3-axis accelerometer control.

Those who have attended the Superbooth Tradeshow in Berlin earlier this year may already have seen a prototype of the SB01 in action. However, if you missed out or want some more information about this synth, then check out the official Kickstarter page.