Teisco / Kawai Synthesizer 100F

Teisco 100F Image

Although Kawai began manufacturing synthesizers under the company name of Teisco, they soon took over as Kawai which resulted in synths like the S100F above which can be found labeled either Teisco or Kawai (as pictured above). The Synthesizer 100F is a very good and classic single-vco monophonic analog synth. It has a small but usable 37 note keyboard. Sawtooth, square and noise waveforms and external sounds can be run through the synth's filters and envelopes and mixed with the oscillator.

Teisco 100F Image

Although there is only one oscillator, there's plenty of modulation ability to really liven up the sound. There's an LFO which can modulate the VCO, VCF and VCA. The VCF resonant filter is good and can be modulated by the LFO, Envelope 1, the external input or even the VCO! There's also a VCA section with Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls and finally there's a Hi-Pass filter. There is also a portamento effect for that final crucial analog synth effect! A typical analog synth with just about all the features and functions you'd need. It's got the classic wood side panels and a front panel layout that leads to very straight forward programming resulting in good analog bass, lead and synth sounds.

Teisco 100F Image
Teisco 100F Image

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23 Visitor comments
August 7, 2014 @ 10:22 pm
Don't know the price, but I'm interested in it.
Still have it?
June 24, 2014 @ 10:19 am
I have an Kawai 100F. Does anybody know what is the price?
March 17, 2014 @ 10:46 am
song using only Kawai 100F: youtube.com/watch?v=yL4Bz2pLOxg
January 30, 2014 @ 10:12 am
Would love to find one!
if someone doesnt play it, would be interested - xenutt(at)ymail.com , thank you *
October 1, 2013 @ 1:02 am
See it that way: That synth is my second favorite synth, and very close to a Synthi...but could be played easily with a keyboard, the best synth for someone who likes modular flexibility and ''standardised'' sounds... www.mecaniksynthetik.com
Mon synthé favori avec mon Synthi, avec la différence que celui-là est incroyable pour ''jammer'' et peut être un modulaire et un synthé mélodique en même temps...
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  • The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings. If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified.
  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - Monophonic
  • Oscillators - 1 VCO: saw, square, noise, external audio in (2', 4', 8', 16', 32', 64' and "low" pitches)
  • LFO - Saw, Triangle, square waveforms with adjustable Rate
  • Filter - Low Pass resonant filter and High Pass non-resonant filter
  • VCA - Simple AD, ADS or ADR envelope modes
  • Keyboard - 37 notes
  • Memory - None
  • Control - CV/Gate
  • Date Produced - 1977
  • Resources & Credits
  • Images by Nils Odegaard.

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