Synhouse Midijack DinSync / 303 Image

Pictured above is a classic Roland TB-303 retrofitted with the new MIDIJACK DINSYNC from Synhouse Multimedia! It is the only MIDI to DIN Sync converter for under $100! Designed specifically for Roland's x0x boxes, this user-installable INTERNAL retro-fit will allow you to synchronize a TB-303, TR-606, TR-808, MC-202, SH-101, CR-78, and CR-8000 to MIDI, using a standard MIDI cable. This is without a doubt, the cheapest and easiest way to integrate these classic x0x machines into any modern MIDI studio!

The MIDIJACK DINSYNC uses a MIDI/24ppq synchronization system...the same one used by Roland. It receives MIDI start messages, MIDI stop messages, and MIDI timing clocks, allowing you to synchronize those techno classics to your PC or Mac software MIDI sequencer or other hardware MIDI sequencer. It does NOT receive MIDI notes. But your x0x boxes will play their patterns in perfect sync with your MIDI sequences. Unfortunately, most MIDI sequences must be started from the beginning each time you want the x0x machine to play along, however this is a problem no matter how you lock DINSync gear to MIDI. But with a little SysEx programming, you could actually be able to create start and stop signals at various points in your sequence too. A single L.E.D. indicates MIDI On/Off modes and a single button allows you to choose the various modes which include: MIDI On/Off and MIDI Timebase selections (1/1 to 1/16).

Synhouse Midijack DinSync / 606 Image

The MIDIJACK DINSYNC itself is a small and fully assembled circuit board with some leads and a MIDI/DIN jack. It is user-installable and can be done in about an hour according to Synhouse. I elected to have Synhouse do the "Factory Install" themselves to my TR-606 (pictured above/below). This is a good idea for the 606 because it has so little room inside (see below) that it proved to be a challenge even for Synhouse to install! However, larger boxes like the 808 and SH-101 are much easier. Speaking of the SH-101, it is actually MIDI retro-fitted via the MIDIJACK I. However, the addition of a MIDIJACK DINSYNC to the SH-101 will allow you to control its on-board Sequencer and Arpeggiator!

Synhouse Midijack DinSync / 606 Image

Actual Midijack Dinsync circuit
sitting on top of 606's output jacks.

Synhouse Midijack DinSync / 606 Image

MIDI/DIN Jack installed on opposite end of 606.

The MIDIJACK DINSYNC has an M.S.R.P of $99 and can be installed by anyone who can solder it to the right points. For convenience, Synhouse Factory Installation is available for most instruments at Synhouse L.A. for an introductory price of $69, some may be different as explained on the Factory Installation page. They may also be installed by any service center familiar with analog synth repair. The average installation takes about 30-60 minutes after reading the manuals. The board mounts by drilling only four small holes for the screws, MIDI function button, and LED (optional). All mounting hardware is included with purchase of the MIDIJACK DINSYNC, as well as 3 detailed installation and user manuals which describe the MIDIJACK DINSYNC theory and general installation method which will allow anyone to make their own installation in any compatible analog drum machine / sequencer, providing that the user knows enough about the signal flow of the instrument to locate the proper cutting and connection points.

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  • The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings. If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified.
  • Specifications
  • DINSync Compatibility -

    Roland SH-101

    Roland MC-202 Microcomposer

    Roland TB-303 Bassline

    Roland TR-606 Drumatix

    Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

    Roland CompuRhythm CR-78

    Roland CompuRhythm CR-8000

    (Also includes the TR-707, TR-727, and TR-909 but they already have MIDI)

  • DINSync Functions -

    MIDI timebase selection (to select MIDI clock divisions 1/1-1/16)

    MIDI panic button (to silence stuck-on MIDI slaves)

    MIDI Off mode (useful for keeping unused machines silent onstage or for selecting internal clock control or external clock control via the Roland DIN sync interface jacks)

    MIDI On mode (normal MIDI synchronized operation)

    MIDI On mode red LED indicator (with included optional LED)

    Receives MIDI Timing Clocks (MIDI Real Time Message status byte F8)

    Receives MIDI Start message (MIDI Real Time Message status byte FA)

    Receives MIDI Stop message (MIDI Real Time Message status byte FC)

  • Control - Receives MIDI start/stop messages and MIDI timing clocks
  • Date Produced - 2001

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