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The ReBirth RB-338 could not have been released nor invented at any better time! The original aimed to emulate and recreate the sound, look and feel of two TB-303's and one TR-808. Released just when those very machines were both in demand, hard to find and very expensive; for little under $200 ReBirth gave any Mac or PC user access to those famous dance sounds. Soon after came the RB-338 which added the TR-909 to the mix making the ReBirth package one of the best and most affordable means of acquiring vintage Roland 303, 808 and 909 sounds!

First, there are two identical TB-303s, a TR-808 and a TR-909 which all sound incredibly like the originals (without the noise, static and crackles that the analog circuitry generated). Each 303, 808 or 909 can store 32 patterns and each pattern length is variable from 1 to 16 steps. All the same edit knobs from the originals are here and can be recorded into your songs in real-time! There are also distortion, compression, panning, delay effects and a PCF filter.

Programming patterns into each section is almost as faithful a reproduction of the originals as is their appearance. Only one Song or Mix can be created at a time, however all parameter tweaks, effect changes, pattern changes and so on can be recorded to the song in real time or in step mode. ReBirth is without a doubt the most intuitive, classic, realistic and faithful emulation of classic Roland gear with amazing flexibility and tonal control. Although ReBirth may be best suited for Acid-House music production, amateurs and professionals alike are already using ReBirth for extra and easy 303 lines, drum beats or entire tracks! ReBirth is compatible with most current sequencers via MIDI sync. An added bonus to ReBirth is a quasi-open architecture that allows users to revamp the graphics and drum samples to create their own Mods, the best of which Propellerhead provides on their web site. ReBirth has been used by Juno Reactor, Stoker and AntiLoop.

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17 Visitor comments
May 1, 2011 @ 12:02 pm
All this program needs is a keyboard fitted and..imagine that on your I-PAD...AWESOME
April 19, 2011 @ 10:30 am
You can add distortion, filter fx and delay at will to the 303/909/808 emulations in ReBirth on the fly, making for some wicked and tripped out dub moments. Distortion on the 808 for example sounds very cool with the right balance. I am using ReBirth mainly for making beats. ReBirth is almost a 15 year old program. But now it's free, and with the fun I get out of it, I'm not complaining!
March 10, 2011 @ 3:38 pm
if anyone thinks this sounds like a real 303, 808 & a 909 you need your ears cleaning out, seriously. A nice little software for jamming, but for serious acid...nowhere near!
December 12, 2010 @ 7:20 pm
im using it for wind vista and xp how do i change the mods
December 12, 2010 @ 7:19 pm
cant access m0ds there is no mod folder in my propellerhead folder
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Rated 3.81 (456 Votes)

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  • The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings. If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified.
  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - 303s: Monophonic; 808: 11 voices; 909: 11 voices
  • Effects - Shuffle, Delay, PCF filter, Compression, Distortion
  • Tune, Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope, Decay, Accent
  • Bass, Snare, Low / Mid / Hi Tom, Low / Mid / Hi Conga, RimShot, Clave, HandClap, ClosedHat, OpenHat, Cymbal, CowBell, Accent
  • Bass, Snare, Low / Mid / Hi Tom, RimShot, HandClap, ClosedHat, OpenHat, Crash, Ride, Accent
  • Keyboard - None
  • Arpeg/Seq - Sequencer: 32 patterns per synth section; 1 song
  • Control - MIDI / Sync
  • Date Produced - 1997

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