Propellerhead Software Reason : SubTractor Polyphonic Synthesizer

Reason : SubTractor Polyphonic Synthesizer

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The Subtractor is an excellent software emulator of analog subtractive-synthesis with totally modern features capable of everything from fat basses to swirling pads and screaming lead sounds. It has 2 oscillators each with 32 waveforms types. They have a whopping 9-octave range and adjustable phase modes. FM synthesis can be dialed in to add a metallic tinge to your sounds. There's also a noise generator with variable color.

Its filters won't let you down. There are 2 filters and 5 filter types. There's notch, 12dB hi-pass, band-pass, low-pass and 24dB low-pass. There is also an independent ADSR envelope for Filter 1. There are 2 LFO's with 6 waveform types and they can modulate the oscillators, filters, FM amount, phase and/or Amplifier. The Amp section has an ADSR envelope plus a complete velocity section for the Amp, FM amount, Mod. Envelope, Phase, Filter 2, Filter Env., Amp Attack and more. There's even a Modulation Envelope with an ADSR envelope that can be applied to the oscillators, FM amount, Osc. Phase, and Filter 2.

Polyphony is adjustable from 1 to 99 voices! Patch memory storage is limitless! There's portamento, a 2-octave ranged pitch-wheel and a mod-wheel which can modulate the Filter, LFO1, FM and more. External modulation from AfterTouch, Expression and Breath can be routed to the Filter, LFO 1, Amp and FM amount. Around the back are inputs for CV/Gate, modulation inputs/outputs for the oscillators, FM, filters and more. And any real-time editing can be recorded into your songs for fully automated tweaks and parameter changes.

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