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Reason : Rear View

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One of Reason's most powerful features is the Rack's rear view. Aside from the genuine reproduced look of rack gear complete with serial numbers, fans and power cabling, you have simple and natural access to virtual-patching of all your gear in any way you like!

Unlike other software modular synthesis systems which use pull-down menus to route signals to various modules and synth sections, Reason offers a life-like approach. Use your mouse to grab cables and patch away! Typically gear will auto-connect. Create a Subtractor and its audio outputs automatically connect to the next available set of inputs in the Remix mixer. Create an effect and it will connect to the aux/sends of the mixer too. But you can use this rear view to re-route cables to patch things the way you want and you can take advantage of all the wonderful Modulation and CV/Gate inputs and outputs of the various modules to create your "Dream Studio".

Best of all, the cables jiggle, swing and sway with a life-like feel when you move them between patch-points. A very cool visual effect that only the good folks at Propellerhead Software would be creative enough to add to this amazing software synthesizer studio.

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Rob the Russian
July 20, 2010 @ 12:48 pm
Reason's rear panel view made the transition to soft synth very easy for me.
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