Propellerhead Software Reason : NN-19 Digital Sampler

Reason : NN-19 Digital Sampler

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The NN-19 is a full featured digital sampler that loads one or more samples from your computer in either .WAV or .AIFF formats and features 1 to 99 voices of polyphony. There is a big graphic display for mapping your samples across the keyboard. Here you assign samples to a root key and can define each samples range across the keyboard. Additional tuning, level and loop controls are close by for tailoring your samples.

Best of all, the NN-19 allows you to further edit your samples with synth-type parameters. An Osc. section treats the samples as oscillators. Apply detailed pitch shifting to your samples over +/-4 octaves with additional fine tuning or adjust the start point of your sample. Envelope amount and keyboard tracking are also available.

Shaping the samples beyond their original form is also possible. A filter (similar to the Subtractor and Dr:Rex) offers 12dB high-pass, band-pass, low-pass, 24dB low-pass, and notch filtering with its own ADSR envelope, keyboard tracking, frequency cutoff and resonance controls. An amplifier section offers basic ADSR parameters. An LFO section has 6 waveform shapes, rate and amount controls and it can be assigned to modulate the oscillator, filter or panning. There are Velocity parameters that can be applied to the filter, amp and sample start points. There is also portamento, a low band-width effect (lo-fi) and a stereo spread control.

Like other modules in Reason, the NN-19 offers plenty of hands on and external control options. The pitch-bend wheel spans 2-octaves. The mod-wheel can be assigned to the filter frequency, resonance, decay, LFO and amp sections. There are controller inputs that can send aftertouch, expression or breath controller signals to the filter, LFO and amp sections as well. Additionally there is CV/Gate input, Gate inputs for the amp and filter envelopes, modulation inputs to the osc, filter, level, mod-wheel and modulation outputs from the filter envelope and LFO.

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January 25, 2009 @ 7:06 pm
I reckon this is named after Paul Hardcastle's track 'Nineteen.'
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