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ReDrum is a full featured sample-based drum machine. It features 10 sound channels which should be plenty for all your drum programming needs. Of course you can always add more ReDrum modules for more and more drums! Each sound channel has controls for volume, velocity, pitch, length, pan, mute, solo, and 2 aux sends. You can load up and store an unlimited number of drumkits and each kit can contain multiple sampled (.WAV or .AIFF) drum sounds per channel, and every tweak/edit or change can be automated and recorded into your songs!

The pattern sequencer is similar to 808 and 909 style programming. There is room for 32 patterns (stored in 4 banks of 8). Patterns can have from 1-16-32-48-64 steps for a maximum of 4-bar long patterns. Hard-Medium-Soft dynamics allow for up to 3 levels of accenting drum sounds in your pattern. Shuffle and Flam effects are also included. Finally the back of the ReDrum offers 10 individual outputs for each drum channel, stereo Main outs, CV input, and Gate input/output. In all you get a classic styled analog drum/rhythm machine with the ability to load an unlimited number of quality drum sounds for a truly world-class (software) drum machine.

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Rob the Russian
July 20, 2010 @ 12:42 pm
Redrum is the go-to softsynth for drums. Propellerheads gives you excellent control. The first two channels have velocity and tone controls. You can load your own samples and use the "length" knob much the same way I use SPL's transient designer. You can program it like an 808 or play it it real time. When done, you can also convert pattern to a midi track. Redrum is here to stay.
March 23, 2009 @ 1:50 pm
ReDrum is a great drum machine: the ability to add sounds (i like to add 808 and 909 sounds) is very nice, as is the User Interface, and the ability to modify sounds (even sampled sounds) is VERY handy. An excellent addition to the already strong Reason software package.
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