Propellerhead Software Reason : ReMix, Midi, ReBirth

Reason : ReMix, Midi, ReBirth

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ReMix is at the heart of every Reason rack. Its got a look and feel that should be familiar to anyone who has used compact 'Mackie' type mixers. It features 14 stereo channels. Each channel strip has a mini-fader for volume, L/R pan, solos and mutes, 2 band EQ and 4 aux-sends. The Master strip has a stereo Mains fader and 4 aux-return levels. CV inputs for level and pan are available on each channel. Serial chains are also available on the aux and master outputs for compressors and/or EQ's. Best of all, all functions can be automated into your song, you can have multiple Remix mixers at once for more and more tracks and effects sends! It's self-labelling as well when you connect various modules to it.

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At the top of every Reason rack is this MIDI/Audio device. It handles Reason's communication with MIDI and Audio hardware. You can select up to 16 separate MIDI channels for each device in your Reason rack to control them and their parameters from an External MIDI source (all parameters on all devices can be assigned to MIDI controllers or ASCII keyboard controllers). Reason also supports up 64 separate audio outputs. If you're audio hardware (such as Sound Manager in Macintosh or some soundcard in PC's) has only a basic stereo output, Reason will only use the first 2 of the 64 audio outs. However, if you have 8, 24, 32, or as many as 64 audio outputs via Digidesign, MOTU or other audio cards, you can take advantage of Reason's ability to use separate outputs for each device for easy multi-track recording in the studio! The Reason Hardware Interface is "riveted" into the rack, and can not be removed.

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The ReBirth Input Machine allows Reason to work in conjunction with ReBirth. Basically, ReBirth will sync up to Reason and the outputs from ReBirth will be routed through this device and to the Mixer for inclusion into your Reason Studio. Individual outputs from each 303, and the 808 and 909 sections of ReBirth can be routed to different mixer channels for further processing, mixing and effects!

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