Propellerhead Software Reason : Malstrom Synth & NN-XT Sampler

Reason : Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer

Reason Malstrom Image

The Malstrom synthesizer is a Graintable synthesizer - a unique cross between granular synthesis and wavetable synthesis. It uses sampled sounds which can be manipulated in a variety of ways. The Graintable can be treated as a wavetable: sweep through it, move through it at any speed without affecting pitch, play any little section repeatedly, use it to pick static waveforms, jump between positions etc. It's capable of real-time waveform stretching, spectral modulation, and more. There's plenty of filters and modulation options just as you'd come to expect in a Reason module too. It comes with a wide range of exotic Graintables and is full of unique synth patches that open up a whole new world of sonic potential for Reason.

Reason : NN-XT Sampler

Reason NN-XT Sampler Image

The new NN-XT is a much more advanced sampler than the NN-19 that is part or Reason's original collection. The NN-XT is packed with useful features to help you build your own stunningly realistic instrument patches: alternate sample playback, auto-pitch detection, zones with individual parameters, filters, envelopes, tempo syncable LFOs and much more. It's easy to edit a zone, adjust layers and cross-fades for samples, and load AIFF, WAV and Soundfont 2 sample libraries. The addition of the NN-XT sampler gives Reason truly professional and expressive potential for creating your own dynamic instruments and music.

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