Propellerhead Software Reason : New Effects

Reason : RV7000 Reverb

Reason RV7000 Image

The RV7000 is an emulation of a high quality stereo reverb effect unit for Reason. The RV7000 is made up of three separate sections whose controls and settings are easily accessed from the fold-out remote panel: the Reverb, the main workhorse in RV7000, always enabled (Space, Room, Hall, Arena, Plate, Spring, Echo, Multitap and Reverse, each with up to seven individual parameters). The EQ, for processing of the wet signal. And the Gate, which can be applied to any chosen reverb program or algorithm, allowing for very sophisticated gating effects. Your basic reverb controls are located on the main panel for easy access and control.

Reason : Scream 4

Reason Scream 4 Image

Scream 4 is a full on distortion unit designed to mangle your sounds as much as possible! Ten distortion types, from Fuzz box to Tube to Scream! Add a touch of speaker modeling and a rough sounding EQ section and you have Scream 4, the ultimate sound destruction unit. The P1 and P2 knobs let you tweak parameters within the selected damage type. The Damage Control knob controls the amount of damage inflicted on your incoming audio, from mild overdrive to full-on mayhem.

Reason : BV-512 Vocoder

Reason BV512 Vocoder Image Reason BV512 Vocoder rear Image

The BV-512 is a 4 to 512-band vocoder capable of modulating sound in both old-school analog style and digital FFT fashion. The BV-512 can be used for everything from classic robot vocals to weird harmonic effects. The BV-512 can combine any two sound sources. In 4-band mode, the BV- 512 provides a gritty, analog, lo-fi sound. In the 512-band setting, a digital 1024-point FFT-based algorithm provides clear, detailed vocoding. BV-512 also lets you shift the carrier frequencies up and down for an unreal sweeping effect. There are separate attack and decay controls for fine-tuning the shape of the sound, and the filter bands can be controlled in real-time from a regular MIDI keyboard. It can also be used as a 4 to 512 band stereo equalizer.

Reason : UN-16 Unison

Reason UN-16 Image

UN-16 Unison fattens up incoming sound by emulating the effect of 4, 8 or 16 detuned versions of the incoming sound playing the same note. The result is rich and wide and slightly similar to a chorus effect, only much fancier.

Reason : Spider CV and Audio

Reason Spider CV Image Reason Spider Audio Image

Use these tools to merge or split audio and CV signals. These give you a world of flexibility with the sounds and music you can now create in Reason. Spider CV is exactly the same kind of utility as Spider Audio, but the splitting and merging is performed on CV and gate signals.

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