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For those who were excited to see a new synth engine from Moog in 2011, the Slim Phatty was a bit of a disappointment. But for those who had enough keyboards cluttering the studio and just wanted that big juicy Moog sound, it was most welcome.

The Slim Phatty has the same engine as the much-loved Little Phatty but in a rack-mountable unit (3U) that can also be used as a tabletop unit, made oh-so-retro-chic with the optional wooden end caps. The Little and Slim Phatty share the same firmware so any updates can be made to either one. The Slim Phatty was the first Moog device with USB, which not only makes those updates easier but also makes integration into a modern studio very simple. For those who have dreamed of owning a polyphonic Moog but can't afford a Memorymoog, the Slim Phatty can also be chained with other Phatty devices for multi-voiced Moog richness.

Moog left off the Little Phatty's rather heavy case, the 37-key keyboard, and the mod and pitch wheels, so what remains is a lightweight and even portable version of the Little Phatty's main engine, fully compatible with MIDI, DAW, or CV-based studios. The control panel is a bit smaller than the Little Phatty's but still very comfortable and easy to use. Not quite knob-per-function, but nevertheless very straightforward.

As for the sound, it's exactly the big, thick oscillators and the rich wet filter that players expect from a Moog. Modulation is limited, especially compared to more modern mono-synths, but it was made to be compatible with the Moogerfooger line, the MP-201 and the CP-251 for semi-modular flexibility. Later firmware updates added velocity sensitivity for volume, alternative scales, LFO reset, and other features, making the Slim Phatty a perfect choice for players who want the all-analog Moog sound with the flexibility of modern synths.

Moog Slim Phatty Image

In 2013 the Slim Phatty, which had a black faceplate to match the Little Phatty, received an aesthetic makeover to match it to the new metallic-white Sub Phatty.

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15 Visitor comments
March 23, 2014 @ 6:41 pm
I've been using this synthesizer for 3 years now. Works great with my other synths that I use to create my music. Mostly used for the alien like sounds that synthesizers are good for. My music is based around a beatless space-ambient style. Arpeggiator works great also when slowed down and delay and reverb are added for that extra dimensional feeling. Works great with my sequencer also.
March 14, 2014 @ 5:50 pm
Recently picked one of these up for $510 AUD on the bay.
Great little bass and lead machine.
Add some effects like delay or reverb after it and it really shines.
The only real gripe is not being able to adjust resonance and cutoff at the same time.
March 13, 2014 @ 8:07 pm
The Slim Phatty gives you 2 real VCO's, fully programmable from MIDI and CV ins, rotary knobs with memory, 100 presets, 2 envelope generators, etc. In terms of sound you can get very precise tones, the overload feature is very useful to shape and obtain acoustic-like textures if you apply it with moderation. I use it almost exclusively for percussive sounds. At 600€ (700$) used price, you can't go wrong!!
January 2, 2014 @ 7:27 am
I've had one for just a few short weeks, but already this little beast has found it's way into several tracks on both bass and lead duties. I disagree about it being a 'one trick pony of sorts.. yeah, for the most part it has that undeniable Moog sound all over it, but hey, it IS a Moog after all so what'ya want!? You can however easily coax some non-Moog like interesting sounds, FX etc. for track fillers, atmospheres and whatnot. All without bringing in external hard/software to enhance or mangle the sound - now we're talking a massive realm of possibility! Great sound, very useful synth IMO.
December 26, 2013 @ 1:08 pm
I started with a Little Phatty, and I kinda wanted to ditch it bc I has trouble fitting it into a mix like the poster above mentioned. I'm into ethereal beat music, I guess you'd say--James Blake, Four Tet, Burial, Happa, Jamie XX, Pye Corner Audio, Tri Angle Records artists, etc--and the phatty just sounded like a prog rock screamer whenever I tried to use it. I ended up getting 2 slim phatties to make my LP poly, and now I'm super happy. They're touchy. And it's a bulky, ungiggable setup. But they sounds delicious.
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  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - Monophonic
  • Multitimbral - No
  • Oscillators - 2 VCOs, both 16', 8', 4', 2'
  • Waveforms - Continuously variable: triangle through saw and square to narrow pulse.
  • LFO - LFO with triangle, square, sawtooth, ramp
  • Modulation - Mod Source: LFO, Filt. EGR or Sample and Hold, and Osc. 2 or Noise. Mod Destination: Pitch, Osc. 2, Filter, Wave.
  • Filter - 1 Low Pass VCF: 24dB/Oct Moog Ladder with overload and ADSR.
  • Envelope - 1 Volume amp with ASDR
  • Effects - None
  • Sequencer - None
  • Arpeggiator - Up, down, ordered. MIDI-syncable
  • Keyboard - None
  • Memory - 100 presets, all can be overwritten by user
  • Control - MIDI In/Out/Thru; USB; and CV: Pitch CV In (1 V/Oct) Filter CV In Volume CV In Keyboard Gate In
  • Weight - 5.75 Lbs (2.6 kg)
  • Date Produced - 2011
  • Resources & Credits
  • Review by GuyaGuy.

    Reviewed February 2013.

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