Vintage Vault 3 Release and Giveaway

Fans of authentic vintage synthesizers and drum machine sounds will know that, as far as premier collections go, it's hard to beat Vintage Vault by UVI. It has been the collection of choice for everyone in search of the authenticity of real hardware wrapped up in the simplicity of software. Now, with the release of Vintage Vault 3, the collection is even bigger and more comprehensive than ever before. Best of all... thanks to UVI, we have three copies of Vintage Vault 3 to give away to three lucky winners.

Novation’s most powerful grid controller: made to produce with Ableton Live and hardware instruments

Novation are proud to announce the all-new Launchpad Pro [MK3]. The world’s favorite Ableton Live grid controller is now the perfect partner for hardware, combining deep Live integration with an intuitive built-in sequencer that can drive any MIDI instrument. 

The First Home Vinyl Recorder In The Works

Although digital audio has taken over the mainstream, there are still many audiophiles who stick with analog. Unfortunately, although vinyl records have made a small comeback over the years, there has never really been a way to create your own unless you owned a pressing plant. The PHONOCUT Home Vinyl Recorder is a Kickstarter project that aimed to address this situation by giving anyone the ability to make their own records at home with just the push of a button. You don't even need any technical background to make use of this device either as it is extremely simple.

Playing Touch Synthesizers With Sausages

Normally synthesizers and food don't exactly mix, but clearly, nobody explained this to HAINBACH, a popular synth Youtuber. Apparently, he made a claim in one of his old videos that he could put sausages on a Folktek Omnichord OM84 synth to sustain the notes. In celebration of reaching 50K subscribers on his YouTube channel, HAINBACH decided that it was high time to back his claims with some proof.

Symphony Orchestra Teams Up With Spitfire Audio For Mega Sample Library

If you are a fan of orchestral music and samples then now might be a good time to clear out some space on your hard drive. Spitfire Audio in partnership with BBC Studios and the world-famous BBC Symphony Orchestra has released what can only be described as the most comprehensive orchestral library every created. There is no doubting the musical pedigree of the BBC Symphony Orchestra who, along with being the musical beating heart of the BBC, has also sold-out concert halls all over the world.