Five New Overlays Released For Moog Subharmicon

If you are a Moog Subharmicon owner and want a new look for your synth without having to risk any DIY modifications you are in luck. Oversynth recently released a new collection of overlays for this synth featuring large fonts along with high contrast graphics. These help to improve visibility in low light and also make it easier to perform quick control adjustments and patching while performing live. Along with color-coded sequencers that match their corresponding oscillator sections some of the designs also use color-coding for the patch bay jacks.

New FM Synth Announced By Korg

Korg has recently announced that FM synth fans have a new bit of hardware in the form of the OpSix to look forward to. According to Korg, the OpSix will cause users to rethink everything they know about FM synthesis. The brand has already brought wave sequencing back in a more immediately accessible way with Wavestate and decided to follow a similar approach with the Opsix.

Best Saturation Plug-Ins To Add Warmth To Your Tracks

In previous articles, we have looked at ways to give soft synths a more analog sound and one of the most effective ways is through saturation. With the right plug-ins, it is possible to recreate the sound of tracks that were mixed using analog mixing desks. There are plenty of options to choose from if money is not an issue, but even if you are on a tight budget you don't have to miss out. Here are some of the best saturation plug-ins available on the market if you desire a softer, richer sound for your mixes.

Moog Re-Introducing Werkstatt-01 For Limited Time

Moog recently announced that their Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit and CV Expander will be available again for a limited time. This patchable and compact analog synthesizer is a great introduction to the world of analog synthesis, especially for DIY fans. No prior electronic experience is required to put together this easy-to-assemble kit either. According to Moog, this makes the Werkstatt-01 a perfect Christmas morning project.

Musician Plays Historic TONTO Synthesizer With Her Mind

The Original New Timbral Orchestra or "TONTO" as it is known was the first multitimbral polyphonic analog synthesizer in the world. It is still the largest of its kind in the world and has been featured on everything from Stevie Wonder albums to tracks by The Doobie Brothers, Billy Preston, Bobby Womack, and many more. It has been moved around a few times since it was created in 1968, but since 2013 it has been housed at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta. It is here where a local musician, named Angie Combes, has decided to use TONTO by playing the instrument with her mind.

Aphex Twin and Novation Collaborates On AFX Station

Novation caused quite a stir a few weeks back when they started sharing photos of massive billboards with what appeared to be the Aphex Twin logo in LA, Berlin, Bristol, and London. This led to a lot of speculation among fans that a new synthesizer collaboration between Novation and Aphex Twin might be in the works. It turned out to be partially true as the collaboration is actually for the Novation AFX Station, which is a limited edition of Bass Station II.

Teenage Engineering Teams Up With Capcom For New Pocket Operator Series

It seems like 2020 is a big year for strange collaborations too. We've already shared the news about Novation teaming up with Aphex Twin for the AFX Station, but now Teenage Engineering has revealed a unique partnership of their own. The Swedish synth company that first launched their Pocket Operators in 2015 is bringing out a new series and this time they will be themed around the popular Mega Man and Street Fighter licenses by Japanese gaming giant, Capcom.

Synth Pioneer Chriss Huggett Passed Away

There have been quite a few big names who passed away in 2020 and sadly Chris Huggett recently joined the list. Synthesizer fans will know him for the pioneering work that he has done over the past five or so decades in the industry. His recent contributions include work on Novation synthesizers, including the Bass Station and Bass Station II as well as the Peak and Summit synths. However, many synth enthusiasts will forever remember Chris for being the genius behind Wasp and OSCar.