Games With In-Game Music Creation Tools (Part 2)

In the first part of our article we took a look at games that featured music creation tools long before digital audio workstations were as commonplace as they are now. However, due to the technology available at the time, a lot of these games were far from intuitive and the audio output also left a lot to be desired. As technology improved and gaming became more mainstream, it had a big impact on these types of games. Here are some of the more recent examples of games with in-game music creation tools.

Games With In-Game Music Creation Tools (Part 1)

These days if you want to create music with soft synths, you need to learn how to use a digital audio workstation. This process can be a little daunting, but if you enjoy playing games in addition to creating music, you may have had some practice already from some unlikely sources. Ever since computers and video games have been able to produce sounds, there have been developers attempting to turn them into tools for creating music. As technology has improved, so have the complexity of these games.

Vintage Synth Adverts

Companies have always gone to great lengths to market their products, which often resulted in adverts that were completely over the top. This was particularly noticeable with print adverts for synthesizers back in the day. While it is easy to demonstrate how a synth sounds and why you would want to own one by using a video advert, it is a bit more tricky to convey the message in print. However, this didn't stop a lot of companies from trying, often with comical results.

5 Tips to Choosing a Synthesizer

Sponsored Post: Buying a new synthesizer, whether it is your first one ever, an upgrade for your existing one, or simply the latest addition to your collection, is exciting. However, considering the cost of synthesizers, it is also something that should ideally not be done on the spur of the moment, but only after careful consideration. Unless you are one of the very fortunate people to who money and space is not a factor, it is important to make the right decision when it comes to choosing your new synthesizer.

Five Subscription Based Services For Synth Fans

In addition to enabling synth fans from across the world to form online communities as well as collaborate, the Internet has also brought plenty of other benefits synthesizer enthusiasts. For those who cannot afford or maintain a real vintage synth, it has made software synthesizers more accessible. Another reason why synth fans can be thankful for the rise in high speed Internet is the abundance of samples and patches that are available for download.