5 Worthwhile Compact Synths On The Market

As nice as it would be for inspiration to strike while you are in your home studio in front of your walls of modular synths, this is unfortunately not always the case. Inspiration can strike when you expect it the least and often when you are nowhere near your collection of large synths. Sometimes you also have to step outside your studio and venture forth into the world, but thankfully this no longer means that you can't take a synthesizer along.

Five Free DAWS For Windows & MAC

Although most vintage synthesizer enthusiasts would no doubt prefer a room full of hardware, there can be doubt that software synths have come a long way. However, to make use of the myriad of soft synths that are available, you need a MIDI controller as well as a digital audio workstation. Both of these have numerous options to choose from, but in the case of digital audio workstations, you actually have a large number that are completely free.

Choosing Headphones For Home Recording

Thanks to digital audio workstations the ability to record your own music at home is a lot simpler than it used to be. This is great for synth enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their work with other people online. While virtual instruments mean that you don't need a massive studio to fit everything, noise can still be a concern, especially if your neighbors are not fans of your music. This is where headphones are essential as they enable you to work on your music without the risk of the neighbors filing a noise complaint.

Seven Synth Players Showcasing Their Talents In The Street

For most synth owners the thought of their precious equipment ever leaving the studio is not a very pleasant one. Even musicians who are lucky enough to play live shows with their synthesizer gear will take every precaution to ensure everything is safely and securely packed. That is why it is so unusual to see street musicians who are brave enough to take their gear out in the elements to entertain the public.

Five Useful Digital Audio Workstations For iOS

There can be no doubt that digital audio workstations have come a long way since the early efforts by Soundstream, Sonic Solutions and OSC. In fact, it has reached a point where impressive results can be achieved using the software on your phone. Having a DAW in the palm of your hand is incredibly useful, but you are still left with the dilemma of which ones to choose.