Vintage Synthesizers With Modern Versions Part 1

If you spend time with fans of vintage synthesizers there are a couple of brands and models that will always be mentioned. These are the synths that have stood the test of time and many of them have a place of honor in the collections of synth fans. Unfortunately, in many cases, the popularity or scarcity of these synths also means that adding them to your own collection can be very expensive. The good news is that many manufacturers have begun cashing in on the popularity of these synthesizers by releasing modern versions of them.

Addiction Synth - Simple And Intuitive Without Sacrificing Depth

There is a common belief with software synths that you can either have a professional synth or you can have one that is simple to use. Addiction Synth from Stagecraft Software was designed to prove this theory wrong by delivering a subtractive synthesizer that is not just simple and intuitive, but can also provide users with the type of depth that you would expect from a professional subtractive synth.

Musicians With Impressive Vintage Synth Collections

There are many enthusiasts who have a wishlist of synths as long as their arm, but often limited space and tight budgets dictate what can actually be bought. However, there are a couple of people who are not held back by these restraints and have space as well as means to collect vintage synths to their heart's content.

Synthesizer Documentaries That Are Worth A Watch

The best part of synthesizers is obviously tinkering with them or, if you don't own them yourself, listening to them in action. However, fans of synthesizers also love learning more about these fascinating instruments. There are a lot of resources for expanding your synthesizer knowledge, but if you just want to kick back and relax, you'll find that there are some nice synthesizer documentaries floating around as well. Here are just a couple of documentaries on the subject that are worth making the time to watch.

How To Get Your Kids Into Synths

One of the great things about being a parent is sharing your hobbies with your children and bonding with them over shared interests. Research has shown that it helps to boost the self-esteem of your child and can also help them to learn. While this is great if your hobby consists of cooking, reading, gardening or sewing, it becomes a little tricky if you are passionate about vintage synths.

Magus Modular Synthesizer Toolkit Kickstarter A Resounding Success

A little while ago Rebel Technology, a modular manufacturer, launched their Kickstarter campaign. Their aim was to crowdfund three new compact desktop synthesizers and to accomplish this they set a funding goal of £12,000. It would seem that there are plenty of backers out there who are ready for a patchable, programmable synthesizer toolkit as it not only smashed through its initial funding goal, but eventually went on to reach more than double this goal.

Infinity Synth - The Sample Based Synth Featuring Only The Sounds You Like

Sponsored Post:  While software synthesizers have opened up new avenues for musicians who might otherwise never have been able to afford the real hardware, they are not without their drawbacks. Two of the biggest concerns when it comes to soft synths are cost and features. You can either have a free soft synth with very limited features or a feature-packed soft synth that comes with a ton of options, but costs you an arm and a leg. Infinity Synth by Stagecraft Software is a product that is trying to address both these issues.