Novation Peak: A Feature Packed Analog - Digital Hybrid At An Affordable Price

Sponsored Post: Peak is a desktop polysynth from Novation, a company with a proven track record in releasing quality controllers and instruments. Novation also has a solid reputation when it comes to synthesizers, but with Peak they have outdone themselves. It is definitely the most high-end product in their range, which obviously means a higher price tag. However, it still offers plenty of value for money, which makes it a bargain when compared to other instruments in its class.

5 Free Software Synths for Linux

Creating digital audio with a software synthesizer isn’t just something that is reserved for musicians that make use of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Over the years some viable alternatives have also been released for those who prefer the Linux operating system. Many of these softsynths are open source to boot, which means it is possible to make full use of all their features without having to dig deep in your wallet in order to afford commercial software.