5 Great Reverb Plugins To Enhance Your Mixes

Moving one from just messing around with synthesizers to actually recording something can be very gratifying. However, as most people who have done this will know, it also requires a lot of work to produce something that sounds halfway decent. Many people give up on ever producing anything they would feel comfortable sharing because it is so difficult to create something worthwhile. One of the things that often hamper a lot of of mixes is that the audio sounds very hollow or thin, which makes the song sound unnatural.

Five Albums Made Predominantly With One Synth

As with a lot of hobbies, it is easy to fall into the mindset that more is better when it comes to synthesizers. It can be hard to shake that feeling that you need just one more synth or that one piece of elusive gear before you can really start making music. However, this is something that has been proven false time and time again as amazing music has been made with very limited resources. If you still feel like it is your gear that is holding you back from greatness just check out some of these great albums and EPs that were made using only a specific synthesizer.

Everyone Can Play Music With Joué Play

Thanks to the vast improvements to software synthesizers in recent years we've seen more and more people using them as viable alternatives to hardware synths. This has also meant that the MIDI controller market has flourished as brands compete to come up with hardware to complement these softsynths. Most brands have opted to stick with the tried and tested keyboard controllers, but we have also begun to see more risks being taken with unusual controllers.

Retro Console Hardware Synths (Part One)

There is no doubt that a large part of the appeal of chiptune music is nostalgia. If you are one of the people who grew up playing games during the early era of consoles and computers, then chances are that there are some tunes that will forever be memorable to you. A lot of retro hardware had their own distinct sounds, quirks and limitations, which made it even more impressive when talent musicians were able to work around these to create beautiful melodies.

Best Portable Midi Keyboards For Mobile & Laptop Producers

Mobile virtual synthesizers and digital audio workstations have come a long way and these days it's not unusual to see people using them when out and about. However, if you are going to try your hands at being a mobile producer, then you are going to need a backpack friendly keyboard for the best results. Midi keyboard manufacturers appears to have realized that there is a growing market for gear that is sturdy, portable and packing a lot of features.