Tape Emulation Plug-ins For Your DAW

It is amazing to think that thanks to digital audio workstations and plug-ins most users can have access to features that professional studios could only dream about a few years ago. This is also exciting for vintage synth enthusiasts as it allows access to software that recreates features of analog equipment that are almost impossible to find. Purists will always prefer the real deal, of course, but for some users, there is simply not enough cash or space to go completely vintage. Sometimes using a plug-in is simply more convenient too, as is the case with tape emulation.

First of It's Kind Interactive Synth Exhibit Opens At NAMM's Museum of Making Music

NAMM's Museum of Making Music has something brand new for synth enthusiasts with a first-of-its-kind exhibit titled, Music from the Sound Up: The Creative Tools of Synthesis. The official opening was Friday, 18 October 2019, and this special exhibit will continue until April of 2020. The purpose of this unique exhibit is to highlight the creativity and flexibility of synthesizers. To accomplish this, the exhibit is using tactile-based stations that offer visitors interactive experiences that are designed to inspire music-making.

Analogue Pocket Combines Gaming & Synths In One Portable Package

If you still have a library of Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance cartridges in your collection, then you are going to love the Analogue Pocket. In fact, even if you were a fan of other hand-held gaming devices, such as the Sega Game Gear or Atari Lynx, it's still worth a look. That's because the Analogue Pocket will be able to play all the aforementioned Nintendo games as well as games from other hand-helds when used with the appropriate cartridge adapter.