4 Essential iOS Drum Machine Apps

We've already looked at some of the most affordable drum machines worth owning in a previous article, but not everyone has the space or money for one of these. If you find yourself a bit short on cash or space there are still options available for adding some killer drums to your music. In addition to the myriad of plug-ins available for DAWS, there are also a couple of drum machine apps on iOS that can be used. Although these are never going to be a substitute for the real thing, they can be a boon to those who like to keep things simple and portable.

5 Affordable Drum Machines Worth Owning

These days there is very little that drum machines can do that a decent DAW workstation with the right plug-ins can't replicate. However, the importance of hardware drum machines cannot be understated. Gear like the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 had lukewarm receptions initially but went on to become some of the most influential inventions in popular music. For most musicians, using a drum machine is more than just the sounds, but about the tangible interface that it offers.

Four Portable Recorders That Are Ideal For Field Recording of Samples

With the vast amount of samples that are available online, many of which are free, it might appear pointless to go out and create your own. However, there is nothing quite like building up your own unique library of samples to use in your music. Sampling is a technique that has had a massive influence on a lot of musical genres, especially electronic music, and hip hop, as well as pop. While many musicians stick to recording studios for recording their own samples, there is also a world outside the studio that is filled with unique sounds.

Synth Kickstarter Roundup

There has been a couple of exciting announcements in the synth community lately, from classic manufacturers entering the market again to famous brands being restored to their creators. However, some of the most unique developments are typically found on Kickstarter where companies or individuals go to make their ideas reality. We've looked at a few successful synth related Kickstarter projects in the past, but new ones are popping up all the time and sometimes old ones slip through the cracks.