Soundmit & Faselunare Team Up For Free Synth Panels Designer

For many synth enthusiasts, it's not enough to own a large collection of hardware and software synthesizers. There is usually also a point where you begin dreaming of creating your own synthesizer. Unfortunately, not everyone with the technical know-how to design a synth are graphic designers too, which is where something like Synth Panels Designer can come in very handy.

"Analog Synth On-a-Chip" Opens Doors For More Compact Polyphonic Synthesizers

Behringer has caused quite a stir on their Facebook page earlier this week when they posted about a brand new "Analog Synth On-a-Chip." This chip, dubbed V3397, was developed by their sister company Coolaudio who specializes in designing highly sophisticated semiconductors. Behringer has been quite busy releasing clones of analog synthesizers lately and thanks to the V3397, which is a reproduction of the Curtis CEM3396 chips, this trend is likely to continue.

Endlesss Studio Kickstarter Ends With Third Stretch Goal Reached

Endlesss, a music-making application, was released for iOS earlier this year and quickly became a hit with everyone who was stuck at home because of COVID-19. It allowed people to make beats, improvise music and jam live with other musicians, beat-makers, and DJs all over the world. The success of the app also prompted Endlesss Ltd to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a Mac & Windows standalone app as well as VST / AU plugin version of the software.

Jean-Michel Jarre Performed His First Live VR Gig

Musicians, especially those who make a living from playing live performances, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 health crisis. This has meant that many of them had to get creative with the ways in which they interact with fans or promote their music. Legendary French composer, performer, and record producer, Jean-Michel Jarre, certainly doesn't have this issue, but this didn't prevent him from taking part in his first-ever live virtual reality gig.

Top Semi-modular Synths Under $1000

It has become a meme among synth enthusiasts that once you go down the modular synthesis route you can kiss all your money goodbye, but there is certainly an element of truth to this. Hardware synthesizers can be a money sink if you end up with gear acquisition syndrome and owning a Eurorack can make this worse. However, there are some alternatives if you are not willing to go down the software route. Semi-modular synthesizers have made a bit of a comeback and give users the immediacy of a self-contained synth as well as some of the versatility of a modular synthesizer.