The Ten Most Memorable 80s Synth Music Videos (Part Two)

In the first part of our article about the most memorable 80s synth music videos, we took a closer look at songs by Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, The Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, and Eurythmics. These groups not only produced some of the catchiest tunes of the eighties but also memorable music videos to accompany them. Now let us look at five more music videos that should give all synth fans a rush of nostalgia.

The Ten Most Memorable 80s Synth Music Videos (Part One)

Ask anyone what it was that made the eighties such a memorable decade and you are almost guaranteed to get answers like the movies, the fashion, the television shows, and the video games. Of course, for synth enthusiasts there can only be one answer, which is the music. The 80s saw the release of a slew of synth classics by pioneers of the genre. Picking the most memorable tunes from the 80s is a tough task, so we narrowed things down a little bit by only selecting the ones that had a unique music video to accompany the song.