Television Shows or Movies Where Synthesizers Had Cameos

If you spend a lot of time using synthesizers or researching them online in order to decide on your next purchase, then you tend to notice them immediately if they pop up somewhere in a film or television show. Sometimes these synthesizers are actually used in the movies for their intended purpose, but other times they are used for props because of their futuristic designs.

Gibson Hands Back Oberheim Brand To Its Creator

Fans of Oberheim will know that it's been more than thirty years since the original creator, Tom Oberheim, has been without the brand. Although Tom developed some great gear in the 1970s and 1980s, the brand ended up in the possession of Gibson in 1988. However, James "JC" Curleigh, the President and CEO of the guitar giant recently surprised everyone by stating that the Oberheim brand and intellectual property will be handed back to Tom Oberheim.

Synthesizers With Hidden Built-In Games

Vintage synthesizer enthusiasts will know that a lot of the gear has some obscure features that you really have to dig deep into the manual to find. However, there are also a couple of synths where the developers went and hid something special away as an easter egg for users to discover. For most synths this takes the form of a little mini-game that can be played for fun. These games are obviously not going to be a standout feature for the synthesizers, but they are an entertaining extra when discovered.