Modern Movies & Television Shows With Synth Soundtracks

At the peak of the synthesizer craze, it was almost impossible to find a movie that didn’t use one for the soundtrack. This resulted in a few very memorable compositions, such as the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis or the music for The Fog, created by John Carpenter himself. However, while synthesizer soundtracks were very popular in the 80s, this doesn’t mean you won’t find them making an appearance in modern movies or television shows.

Novation Bass Station II - Rebirth of An Analogue Monosynth

Sponsored Post:  Since its launch in 1993, Bass Station by Novation became an instant hit with creators of dance and electronic music. There was just something about Bass Station that resonated with musicians looking for a warmth and resonance that many modern digital synths were unable to deliver. In fact, Bass Station had such a great sound and design that it took 20 years for Novation to bring out a successor that is worthy of its legacy, the Novation Bass Station II.

From Freeware To Commercial - Tal-Dub-X

Musicians on a tight budget should all be very familiar with the software by small Swiss company, Togu Audio Line or TAL Software as they are more commonly known. They’ve been around since 2000, creating instruments and effects that are known for being very user friendly. Fans of vintage sounds in particular have probably used their TAL-DUB delay plugin at some point. This plugin has gone through three versions already over the years and provided musicians with the ability to spice up their recordings with some vintage style feedback delay lines, ranging from clean to very distorted.

Vintage Vault 2 And OB Legacy Now Available From UVI

Sponsored Post:  With samples from more than 40 hardware synths, along with 80 drum machines, the original Vintage Vault by UVI was pretty hard to beat in terms of value for money. The mammoth collection featured enough sounds and samples to keep even the most discerning musicians happy. The good news is that UVI has just released the second iteration of this collection, aptly titled Vintage Vault 2. As expected from UVI, Vintage Vault 2 is more than just an incremental update and instead offers more instruments, drum machines and hand-crafted presets than ever before.

Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module Expected to Ship in 2018

Anyone familiar with Bert Schiettecatte will know that he is the driving force behind the music technology company, Percussa. With the invention of the AudioCubes behind his name as well as the Synthor System 8, there can be no doubt about his credentials. This is why there was quite a buzz when Bert, along with Celine Van Damme, who works at Percussa on the Percussa Engine Sound Synthesis Software, announced their plans for the Percussa Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module.

Taking Proper Care of Your Vintage Synth

In this day and age when many people rush out to the store the second a new version of their phone or gadget is announced, it’s hard to imagine holding on to hardware that is decades old or even paying a fortune for the privilege of owning them. However, this is exactly what many fans of vintage synthesizers do and it’s not just collectors either, but people who actually still use the equipment because they love the sounds they produce.