More Brands Stepping Up To Make Self Isolation More Bearable For Synth Fans

A while back we reported on both Moog and Korg releasing some of their products for free to help synth fans stay entertained while self-isolating. The rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world has wreaked havoc on events and functions with everything being canceled or postponed. Self-isolation has also become the new norm as everyone tries to do their part in curbing the spread of the virus. For some, this means being able to work from home while others have no found themselves with a lot of unexpected free time on their hands.

The Best Places To Download Free Synth Patches & Presets

The great thing about synthesizers is that many of them offer you the opportunity to create your own unique patches. Most synthesizers also feature a selection of preset patterns to get you going if you just want to get on with creating music. Best of all, thanks to the internet it is possible to not only share your patches with other people but also download some brand new ones.

Moog and Korg Helping People To Stay Entertained For Free During Social Distancing

With so many events and expos being canceled and a lot of people forced to self-quarantine due to the coronavirus, it would be an understatement to say that morale is a bit low at the moment. However, two brands have stepped up to the plate to try and spread some positivity during these trying times. First up is Moog who has stated that their popular Minimoog Model D app on iOS will now be free to download.

Superbooth 2020 Has Officially Been Postponed Until Next Year

Earlier in March the organizers of Superbooth 2020 in Berlin released a statement that the show would continue and not be canceled in the wake of cancellations from other trade shows. However, recent weeks have seen more and more stringent safety precautions being put into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many governments have prohibited events with more than a certain number of participants or closed down public spaces, which obviously means that trade shows were postponed or outright canceled.

5 Affordable Studio Headphones Below $200

While headphones are not the most glamorous purchase you can make for your home studio it is hard to understate their importance when it comes to accurate sound reproduction. Some people are perfectly happy with an ordinary set of headphones and that's fine, but studio headphones have a different role to fulfill, especially if you plan on releasing your music. A good pair of studio headphones can provide you with a much more accurate idea of what is happening at the extreme high or low frequencies of your mix.

Musician Hacks His Arm Prosthesis To Plug Into His Synth

Bertolt Meyer, a musician who was born without a lower left arm posted a video on YouTube about his prosthetic arm and how he can control it via electrodes. While this is great Bertolt does mention that it has limitations, especially when it comes to manipulating synthesizers with lots of small knobs and buttons. The prosthesis simply does not have the speed and precision required for quick and accurate adjustments.