Everyone Can Play Music With Joué Play

Thanks to the vast improvements to software synthesizers in recent years we've seen more and more people using them as viable alternatives to hardware synths. This has also meant that the MIDI controller market has flourished as brands compete to come up with hardware to complement these softsynths. Most brands have opted to stick with the tried and tested keyboard controllers, but we have also begun to see more risks being taken with unusual controllers.

Retro Console Hardware Synths (Part One)

There is no doubt that a large part of the appeal of chiptune music is nostalgia. If you are one of the people who grew up playing games during the early era of consoles and computers, then chances are that there are some tunes that will forever be memorable to you. A lot of retro hardware had their own distinct sounds, quirks and limitations, which made it even more impressive when talent musicians were able to work around these to create beautiful melodies.

Best Portable Midi Keyboards For Mobile & Laptop Producers

Mobile virtual synthesizers and digital audio workstations have come a long way and these days it's not unusual to see people using them when out and about. However, if you are going to try your hands at being a mobile producer, then you are going to need a backpack friendly keyboard for the best results. Midi keyboard manufacturers appears to have realized that there is a growing market for gear that is sturdy, portable and packing a lot of features.

Niels Gordon Streams Live Concert From The Woods

Niels Gordon describes himself as a musician who produces organic electronic music from the dark forests of Sweden. He has played different stages around Sweden and prefers to perform completely live and party improvised without the aid of any computers or backtracks. Gordon has released two EPS, so in celebration of releasing his debut album "Land" he decided to stream a live concert.

MIDITROL Turns Your Wireless Gamepad Into a Powerful MIDI Controller

Apple officially supports wireless gamepads since iOS 13, but some developers have gone beyond simply using this feature for games. Luis Fernando García Pérez went and created an app called MIDITROL that can turn any compatible controller into a MIDI/OSC controller. It has ultra-low latency and makes for an entertaining way to interact with your analog and digital instruments.