9 Worst Things You Can do to a Vintage Synth

In terms of audio, there is almost nothing that can’t be done with a synthesizer. The ability to manipulate electricity by a machine and turn it into sound has been a revolution for the music industry. However, there are also a couple of things that simply shouldn’t be done to a synth - especially not a vintage one. As incredible as they are, synthesizers are very vulnerable to mishaps, whether through accidents or ignorance.

Limited Edition Moog Subsequent 37 Synthesizer Debuts At Moogfest 2017

Moogfest 2017 took place this past weekend and featured another host of great performances and events. One of the highlights was of course the building of the Subsequent 37 CV synthesizer at the Moog Pop-Up factory. Moog Music announced this coveted synthesizer just before Moogfest and it made its debut at Moogfest 2017 as promised. For fans not familiar with the Subsequent 37 CV, it is a limited-edition redesign of the Sub 37 Tribute Edition, which is a very powerful analog synthesizer in its own right.

Modulation Processor 3244 - Integrate Your Hardware Synths Into a Modern DAW Environment

Sponsored Post - Anyone recording or sound designing using vintage synths will be familiar with how difficult it can be to perform DAW synchronized parameter modulation. This is why Dialog Audio has come up with a solution in the form of the Modulation Processor 3244.